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Kingdom of the West
Location: Oakland, CA
Date: 01/03/1970

At the Kingdom of the West's 12th Night, John ap Griffin and Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (then known as Bjo of Griffin) receive Awards of Arms.

Event Staff

Autocrat / Cook -- Geraldine of Toad Hall


From The Page (December? 1969):


Tickets for the Revels to be held at Mills College on Jan. 3rd are going fast. If you haven't yet ordered, and have lost the order blank which was in the last mailing, send $2.50 per person to Lady Geraldine of Toad Hall (address omitted).

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ENTERTAINING at 12th Night, contact Lady Diana at (phone omitted) so that she can schedule you. Singers, mimes, actors, magicians, musicians etc. are welcome.

P.S. To the Kingdom of the Mists: Here is how to get to the 12th Night Revels at Mills College ... (directions omitted). See you there!


Held at the Mills College Student Union, Oakland, California. Mistress Geraldine of Toad Hall was the autocrat and prepared the feast. Henrik and Leanne held court. King Henrik gave Awards of Arms to Johanna Griffenhurst, Michael of Moria, Richard Ironsteed, William of the Shire, Lenore of the Darklands, and Sheridan of Greenholm. Then Stefan and Luise were crowned by Henrik and Leanne. King Stefan gave Awards of Arms to Bjo of Griffin (Flavia Beatrice Carmegniani) and John ap Griffin. A feast followed, followed by revelry. ~ Event Description From: Wilhelm von Schlüssel's History"


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For more information: (http://history.westkingdom.org/Year4/TwelfthNight.htm)


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