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Kingdom Championships' Timeline History (for more detail, go to Results)

1978 Caid becomes a Kingdom

1978 1st Heavies QC Heinrich Palantine to Diana de Savigny & Armand de Sevigny (0 of 76)

1980 1st Kingdom Arts Champion (Pentathlon) Éowyn Amberdrake

1987 1st Target Archery QC Simon Greyarrow to Déshivé Luciana d'Avignon & Dietrich von Vogelsang (1 of 57)

1991 1st Equestran QC Donwenna Beast Healer of Hawksheye to Adriana d'Orsay des Hippocampes & Patrick Levi Darkwrath (16 of 50)

1992 1st Archery Kingdom Champion Paganus Grimlove (The Caidan Open Archery Tournament decreed a Kingdom Championship by Ivan the Illustrated & Black Aislynn Straithbaern)

1994 1st Light Weapons QC Gaius Gracchus of Greymist to Ristil ingen Cathail & Gar of Loch Carron (10 of 19)

1994 1st Rapier QC Giovanni di Fiamma to Ristil ingen Cathail & Gar of Loch Carron (0 of 44)

1994 1st Crossbow Kingdom Champion Roc of Wintermist

1995 1st Rapier Kingdom Champion Sasha Dmitrievich Dozortsev

1995 1st Team Kingdom Arts Champions (Pentathlon) Team Western Seas Note: event goes to biannual schedule

1997 1st Target Crossbow QC Paganus Grimlove to Karina al Quihira & Rørik Sverðmaðr (16 of 37)

1999 1st Youth Combat QC 6 & under Nathan Eiriksson to Seanach an tSeanachaidhe & Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio

1999 1st Youth Combat QC 7 - 9 Ránulfr THorfinnsson to Seanach an tSeanachaidhe & Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio

1999 1st Youth Combat QC 10 & over Nathaniel Longbow to Seanach an tSeanachaidhe & Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio

2000 1st Youth Combat QC 14 & over Nathaniel Longbow to Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din & Guillaume de Belgique

2003 Last Light Weapons QC Paganus Grimlove to Carynsa Leland of Roseberry & Alaric Sartiano II

2004 1st Youth Archery QC Traverse Browne to Chamayn of Castile & Direk Ivanovich IV

2007 1st Unarmored QC Kolbrandr Kolsson to Iðuna breiðrazi & Drogo Fitz William (1 of 18)

2008 1st Thrown Weapons QC Paganus Grimlove to Mora de Buchanan & Edward Senestre (0 of 16)

2010 1st Period Handbow Kingdom Champion Paganus Grimlove

2011 1st Arts QC Joan Silvertoppe to Cassandra Zoë Paganel & Sven Örfhendur (6 of 9)

2011 1st Thrown Weapons Kingdom Champion Paganus Grimlove

2014 1st Youth Thrown Weapons QC Heidi of the Silver Moon to Eilidh na Tire Dharigh II

There are only 14 people who have won Queen's Champion in two forms the first being Kelan McBride of Arainn who became the 1st dual form Queen's champion with the reign of Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste (1996), when Kelan won the Rapier QC (having formerly been QC for Archery), and only one who has been Queen's Champion in more than two forms (six, in fact): Paganus Grimlove. There has been one person who has been Queen's Champion (AC) and Kings Champion at the same time: Sven Örfhendur.

Note: (_ of _) is the number of times there was no Queen's Champion out of the total number of reigns possible since the form's inception. This was not done with the Youth forms as the age categories and forms change from reign to reign as does the supply of youth. This history is of the 76 reigns from 1978 Diana de Savigny I to 2016 A'isha bint Shamir II.

Compiled by Baron Paganus Grimlove 4/1/13, Updated 06/02/16.