Wheat and Chaff

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Caidan Snopes & MythBusters

The Name

"Wheat and Chaff" refers to the expression "separating the wheat from the chaff," a long-standing threshing technique in which the wheat (valuable item) is separated from the chaff (valueless item). Long used as an expression by ranchers and farmers everywhere to determine good from bad, and truth from falsehood.

The Purpose

History is made up of facts and legends. When trying to document something historical (say, for Pentathlon or name registration), we have to rely on accounts from a wide variety of experts with little or no way to determine the veracity of their information. When trying to document something from the Current Middle Ages, we are fortunate to have actual eyewitnesses to most events that have occurred during the SCA's 40+ years.

Master Yang the Nauseating used to tell a delightful story about standing next to someone at an event and hearing an amazing story about himself. He listened quite patiently and then asked the speaker's name. The speaker courteously returned the favor of an inquiry and was apparently stunned to silence when Yang revealed his identity.

Caid is fortunate to have among its populace people who were present at the beginning of the SCA as well as people present at the beginning of Caid both as a principality and a kingdom. The purpose of this page is to an opportunity to share (and correct) stories that may have evolved into fantastical legends which, while probably entertaining, aren't ... quite ... true.

We trust that people will approach this page with courtesy, kindness and a sense of humor.

The Questions and Answers

Of Happy Memory

King of Calafia?

  • Q: Did Armand really declare himself to be King of Calafia at his first coronation?"
  • A: True. When he took his oath, he declared, "So say I, Armand, King of Calafia." Much laughter ensued but he got it right all the other times he would say it.

Sir Gaston sung about in Beauty and the Beast?

Is Duke Guy really building a Castle?

Pentathlon Myths

  • Q: I heard at Pentathlon you have to......?
  • A: A number of myths related to Pentathlon can be seen at Pentathlon Myths

Wearing Metal on my head

  • Q: I heard that I can't wear metal (Circlets & Coronets) on my head unless I have received a specific award?
  • A: Well it all depends on the metal, see Circlets and Coronets for more information.