Early Days of Caid: The Principality

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Principality of CAID
Azure, a crown within a laurel wreath Or, between three crescents within a bordure embattled argent (1975).
Founded: April 20-21, 1974
Modern Location: USA: Southern CaliforniaCAID Principality Status scroll.jpg

Caid was the 6th Kingdom created in the Society for Creative Anachronism. A subject of Caid is known as a "Caidan" (rather than "Caidian").

The Principality of CAID was officially created at the Royal Tourney of Union held in the Barony of Dreiburgen on 4/20-21/1974. It was noticed that in order of precedence - the four baronies that made the principality spelled A.C.I.D; Angels, Calafia, Isles, and Dreiburgen. However, that being an unacceptable name choice, other words were sought using the same letters. CAID was chosen, an Arabic word meaning "fortress". The name had only recently been devised by Master Boncueur and, while enthusiastically accepted by the populace, had not yet been approved by the College of Arms.

The First Coronet and Coronation Tourney was held in the Barony of Calafia 6/8-9/1974 and Prince Christian and Princess Denysa were crowned on Sunday.

Martin and Neptha were the final Prince and Princess of the Principality of Caid.

East Kingdom Photo Set

Duchess Natalya de Foix stumbled across some photos at Darkover Grand Council XXXI, that turned out to be photos of Caid in the early days. Thanks to Master Michel Wolffauer, the East Kingdom Historian, we are able to share them here.

More of this photo set can be found at Early Days of Caid: The Kingdom

Natalya: "There was a several-table display of SCA memorabilia, including a reliquary that contained soil from the first event. Master Michel asked if I recognized any of the people in a set of photos and if so, could I give him the names. When I looked at them, I told him that yes, I could identify those people. Baron Conrad von Regensburg, Countess Bevin Fraser of Stirling, and I had fun reminiscing (and groaning over our younger selves!)."