Caidan Archery Rankings

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Open Division:

The purpose of the open division is to provide as many as possible the opportunity to try their hand at archery. This division includes all handbows such as longbows, takedown longbows, recurves and takedown recurves of any length or poundage. The bow should be made primarily of wood and/or fiberglass.

Longbow Division: (Explanation forth coming, once i find my early handbooks)
Crossbow Division (rankings for crossbow are not split into divisions by tradition in Caid):

 Open Division The purpose for the open division is to encourage participation by all archers interested in the crossbow. All crossbows except those with compound prods are allowed.  Period Division The purpose of the period division is to encourage archers to use equipment with a more period style. The crossbow should in form and function should replicate those made before 1600. They may not have a modern style lock or trigger. The prod may be of any material and must be attached by period materials. Artificial sinew may be used, but not Nylon or Dacron. The nut in the lock mechanism may be of any material. The string may be of any material. Bolts must be of any wood and are to be fletched with feathers, parchment or other period materials.

Period Division (replaced the Longbow Division with different rules):

The purpose for the period division is to encourage archers to try to use archery gear that is modeled after those used before 1600. Both long bows and recurves (Mongolian, Japanese, etc) may be used. Modern materials (i.e. artificial sinew, fiber glass, etc.) may be used as long as the use does not give an unfair advantage in performance over period materials. This decision is left to the Range Marshal in Charge of the event. Arrows must be self-nocked (footed, etc. No plastic nocks are allowed.

Kingdom Ranking:

The Kingdom of Caid maintains a system for the ranking of archers. This is determined by the average of that archer's three highest Royal Round scores in any of the recognized divisions during a twelve month period. An archer may achieve separate ranks in each of the divisions. A rank, once achieved, is never lost. The ranks and score required are described below.

Score average & Rank - Rank Color:

0 - 24 Novice - white

25 - 44 Bowman - black

45 - 64 Yeoman - blue

65 - 84 Forester - red

85 - 104 Bowmaster - gold

105+ Royal Bowmaster - purple

Data researched and compiled by Baron Paganus Grimlove

Archer Open Division Longbow Division Crossbow Division Period Division Local Area Years made
Paganus Grimlove Royal Bowmaster Royal Bowmaster Royal Bowmaster Royal Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1989/1989/1992/2008
Roger Wells the Dragon's Bane Bowmaster Bowmaster Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1990/1990/1990
Roc of Wintermist Bowmaster Bowmaster Wintermist
Robert Lanternsmith Bowmaster Altavia
Thomas Blackkeep Bowmaster Forester Bowmaster Naevehjem
Kurt von Arriksleva {Deceased} Forester Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1990/ /1992
Fearghus MacCulloch Bowmaster Bowmaster Bowmaster Gyldenholt 2000/ /2001/2002
Colyn Mac Labhruinn Forester Dun Or 2004
Ihon MacLucas {Deceased} Forester Yeoman Yeoman Carreg Wen
James Everglad Forester Bowman Yeoman Altavia
Cristofanus Castellani Bowmaster Yeoman Yeoman Altavia
Achilleous of Altavia Royal Bowmaster Altavia
Jon Thomme de Claydon Bowmaster Yeoman Forester Starkhafn 2017/ /2012/2012
Hugh ap Rhys Bowmaster Lyondemere 2017
Winfred Archer Bowmaster Bowmaster Lyondemere 2017/ /2017
William of the Forest Forester Dreiburgen
Freidrich vom Steinwalde Bowmaster Gyldenholt 2017
Miguel de Granada Forester Lyondemere
Kazetani Tarou Noritatsu Yeoman Starkhafn 2012
Nikolaos Phaistios Bowmaster Bowman Yeoman Altavia
Brig inghean Uateir Forester Naevehjem
Simon Greyarrow Bowmaster Nordwache
Toline Rosalinde of Arundel Bowmaster Calafia
Peter Bentarrow Royal Bowmaster Forester Bowmaster Nordwache
Leonard of Orange Bowmaster Gyldenholt
Halldór Skaptason Bowmaster Calafia
Kelan McBride of Arainn Bowmaster Dreiburgen
Caitríona Ghabhalfhada Bowmaster Starkhafn 2008
John of Sudwelle Bowmaster Calafia
Njall Olaf Hagarson {Deceased} Bowmaster Bowmaster Gyldenholt
Liadan of Seahaven Forester Calafia
William Ulfsson Yeoman Altavia
Quintin Phelan Bowmaster Bowmaster Calafia
Robin Greenwood Forester Lyondemere
Gemma Evangelista Borgia Bowmaster Calafia, Now Middle
Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk Bowmaster Gyldenholt
Robert ap Rhydderch Yeoman Calafia
Antoinette Rosaura de La Villaverde Bowmaster Angels
Roberto Orsini Yeoman Naevehjem
Bruce d'Archer Yeoman Yeoman Al Sahid 2014
Diana Delamontaigne Bowmaster Lyondemere
Kara the Twin of Kelton Yeoman Calafia
Katherine of Anglesey Yeoman Naevehjem
Emma Cardiganshire Forester Lyondemere
Dafydd ap Tomas Forester Gyldenholt
Bubba of Wolfhou Lyondemere
Rino Tulema Kuresaare Bowmaster Bowman Lyondemere, now Outlands
Ramvoldus Kröll Forester Dreiburgen 2019
Hallr brjost Starsson Yeoman Dreiburgen
Paul Stoddard Forester Starkhafn 2014
Zosime Pompeiana Forester Forester Angels, now Middle
Rayne Archer of Annan Yeoman Angels, now Middle
Kazetani Kiyotora Yeoman Bowman Starkhafn 2012/ / /2016
Robartach Mac Lochlainn Yeoman Starkhafn 2015
Peter Cardarn Forester Angels 2014
Ron (Vargas) of Angels Bowmaster Angels 2012
Hakim Ibin Suileman Bowman Gyldenholt 2014
Jack of Airedale Forester Lyondemere 2014
Lodovico of the Isles Yeoman Isles 2014
Sigbiorn Sigmrndarson Yeoman 2014
Fedelm Dub Bowman Lyondemere 2015
Edward the Pink novice 2014
Lu Tao-Ying Bowman 2014
Anthony de la Mare Bowman 2014
Patric of Lyondermare Yeoman 2014
Juliana de Ellusmere Bowman 2014
D'vorah bint Da'ud Novice 2014
Hette Vitze Novice Isles 2014
Adelais de la Jape Cramoisie Novice 2014
Astrid Skalphaena Bowman Gyldenholt 2014
Alice Upton Bowman 2014
Etain Morgar Bowmaster 2014
Guillaume de Belgique Forester Calafia 1986
Iona of Lyondemere Novice Lyondemere 2014
Nathaniel Longbow Forester Altavia 2013
Colwyn Stagghorn Bowman Altavia 2013
Aengus Brude Yeoman Calafia 2011
Leo de Coronado Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1989
Madawc Seumus Caradawg Bowmaster Wintermist 1996
Antonio el Oso Bowmaster Wintermist 1999
Robert of Watford Bowmaster Dun Or 1996
Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov Bowmaster Naevehjem 1999
Phelan of Penguinroost Forester Forester Angels 2001
Gaius Gracchus of Greymist Bowmaster Bowmaster Dreiburgen 2004
Yvon Bater of Darkwood Bowmaster Bowmaster Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1989/1990/1990
Frederick von Wolvesgang Royal Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1990
James of Wiverneweald Forester Al-Sahid 2004
Carolus von Eulenhorst Bowmaster Forester Dreiburgen 2005
Ingilborg Sigmundardóttir Forester Dun Or 2006
Issabella Oger of Buckie Bowmaster Dun Or, now Middle 2012
Esmeralda Shaporka Forester Lyondemere 2004
Patricius Arcuarius Forester Califia
Juliana de la Delphe Bowman Califia
Henry Dumas Bowman Nordwache
Wilihelm Roderick FitzLovel of Kerr {Deceased} Forester Dreiburgen 1990
Wulfwyn aet Dunholm Bowman Naevehjem
Jay Kubena Bowman Carreg Wen
Alex Eisner Bowman Calafia
Gregor am Turic Bowman Gyldenholt
Cierra Hannagan Novice Dreiburgen
Marya Novgorodskaya Novice Dun Or
Sorcha McKean Bowman
Ishmael of the Well Yeoman Naevehjem 1997
Michalo Bowman 1997
Kirion Telcontar Bowman 1997
Daphne of Penguinroost Yeoman Angels 1997
Roland of Skepglen Bowmaster Nordwache 1997
James of the Lake Yeoman Naevehjem 1997
Tristain of Isles Bowman Isles 1997
John Garr Forester Naevehjem 1997
Cerdic Whitewynde Yeoman 1997
Llewellyn Flinthaven Forester 1997
Seana Ceol Novice Darach 1997
Sithmaith Ingen Vidihiem Novice Starkhafn 1997
Peter Dahlberg Yeoman Dreiburgen 1997
Damales Redbeard Bowmaster Forester Forester Dreiburgen 1997
Geoffrey of Nordwache Novice Nordwache 1997
Leximus Taurus Novice Nordwache 1997
Ceara nic Fhaolain Novice Dreiburgen 1997
Aldgytha of Ashwood Bowman Dreiburgen 1997
Caintigern Ainsley {Deceased} Novice Califia 1997
Allan Bluehood Yeoman Angels 1998
Mike of Starkhafn Forester Starkhafn 2015
Symonne du Charme Forester Starkhafn 2015
Thyra of Starkhafn Yeoman Starkhafn 2015
Meadhbh inghean mhic Aoidhghein Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Fergus O'Fey Novice Starkhafn 2015
Sigriðr in irska Novice Starkhafn 2015
Athanaric Sunus Novice Starkhafn 2015
Cecilia Medici Yeoman Altavia 2015
Halfdane Bowman Yeoman Starkhafn 2014/ / /2015
Summer of Starkhafn (Y) Bowman Starkhafn 2016
Gyda Magnusdótter Novice Starkhafn 2015
Martin aus Brandenburg Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Brig ingen mhic Raith Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Einarr Blodox Forester Altavia
Rhianna Boyce Forester Altavia
Melissa of Altavia Forester Altavia
Michel of Heatherwyne Yeoman Angels
Æoelwig Æoelfwigson Yeoman Angels
Wulfric Forlong of Falconhurst Novice Angels
Nicholas the Archer Bowman Angels
Caitilin Bhallach Bowman
Bryn Kjolfari Bowman
Petrenilla de Chastellerault Novice
Thorfinr Brimill Bowman
Stephen Di Varma Novice
Joshua Wolfe Novice
Coinneach of Spotticus Bowman Califia
Florie seaborn Novice Angels
Sorcha inghean ui Uidhier Novice Starkhafn 2015
Secca of Kent Bowman Altavia
Roncor Woodclaver Yeoman Dreiburgen 1992
Rhiannon O'Hafan Gath {Deceased} Forester Gyldenholt 1992
Reimund aus Dreiburgen Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1992
Frannie Yeoman 1992
Jaxom Alanski Spytinhev Novice 1992
Saroj Gauri Dvija Yeoman 1992
Brian Mac Rennell Yeoman 1992
Bedwyr ap Cynan Yeoman 1992
William Tomas Novice 1992
Morgan ap Llewellyn Yeoman 1992
Galen of Gyldenholt Yeoman Gyldenholt 1992
Damon of the lake that Flames Novice Angels 1992
Daniel Ben Abraham Novice 1992
Gaston Raguenel de Dinan Bowman 1992
Cadwaollen Novice 1992
William Machugh O'naill Novice 1992
Annya of House Grimlove Novice Lyondemere 1992
Jonquille Jolanthe Novice Angels 1992
Jay Welch Novice 1992
Black Aislynn Straithbaern Novice Dreiburgen 1992
Conall Eoin MacTavish Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1992
Joan Silvertoppe Novice Nordwache 2018
Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim Bowman Dreiburgen 1992
Aran Darkhelm Novice Darach
Sigurd Stormrider of Wolves' Haven Bowmaster Nordwache 1988
Thomas Logan Forester Dreiburgen 1985
Borgason Forester 1986
Johannes Speiß von Hochwald Yeoman 1988
Uilliam of Reisling {Deceased} Bowmaster Bowmaster Bowmaster Nordwache 1990/1988/1989
Stephen Trahern Bowmaster Bowmaster Nordwache 1988/ /1988
Michael Anwyl Forester Dreiburgen 1989
Ragnar Torbjörn Yeoman Dreiburgen 1989
Matthew the Humble Baby Duck Bowmaster Dreiburgen 1990
Rion Freefeather Bowmaster 1990
Marty Roberts Bowmaster 1991
Gareth of Darkwood Forester Lyondemere 1992
Philippe Lyon de Marseilles Forester Gyldenholt 1992
Allesaundra de Crosthwaite {Deceased} Forester Gyldenholt 1992
Manus le Dragonier Bowman Wintermist 1992
Donn son of Fergus {Deceased} Bowman Wintermist 1992
Tracy the Gray Bowman Dreiburgen 2019
William atte Walter de Liverpoole Novice Carreg Wen 2019
Eleanor atte Walter de Liverpoole Novice Carreg Wen 2019
Angel atte Walter de Liverpoole Novice Carreg Wen 2019
Rhiannan atte Walter de Liverpoole Novice Carreg Wen 2019
Ethan atte Walter de Liverpoole Novice Carreg Wen 2019
Mary dis House Forester Calafia 2019
Aisling O'Grogan Novice Wintermist 2019
Laila Ha-Naphtali Novice Wintermist 2019
Tomaz Gregrio Cervantes de la Macha Bowmaster Starkhafn 2019
Bartholomew Reynold Codlin Forester Starkhafn 2018
Jon Tinkerson Forester Starkhafn 2014
Sybil Benbow Yeoman Starkhafn 2016
Andrew Arrowkiller Forester Starkhafn 2014
Hunter Stoddard Yeoman Starkhafn 2017
Vailathi of the Isle Yeoman Starkhafn 2018
Ian Fitzwalker Yeoman Starkhafn 2016
Bercilak von Neurenberg Yeoman Starkhafn 2017
Nickolai of Starkhafn Yeoman Starkhafn 2016
Luke of Starkhafn Yeoman Starkhafn 2018
Shawn of Starkhafn Yeoman Starkhafn 2016
Guion of Starkhafn Yeoman Starkhafn 2018
Titus Anthonius Thurinus Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Krestiia Ivanovna Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Richard Stoddard Bowman Starkhafn 2017
Brandon Thomas Cervantes de Leon Yeoman Starkhafn 2019
Thora inn Glathi Bowman Starkhafn 2016
Fangore Wolford Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Kaityln D’Agostino-Mello Bowman Starkhafn 2019
Samuel deGrace Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Anen Von Drachenfel Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Danielle of Starkhafn Bowman Starkhafn 2014
Daciana of Starkhafn Bowman Starkhafn 2014
Astrid of Starkhafn Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Ronan Coill Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Jade of Starkhafn Bowman Starkhafn 2016
Maya of Starkhafn Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Allen of Starkhafn Bowman Starkhafn 2015
Kimberly Myers Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Taleah Ulrich Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Jennifer Brunner Bowman Starkhafn 2019
Chris Fucile/Phillip Bowman Starkhafn 2018
Akoca Bowman Starkhafn 2019
Katherine Coccarelli Novice Starkhafn 2018
Azarue (Y) Novice Starkhafn 2016
Calin of Starkhafn Novice Starkhafn 2015