Michael of Bolton

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Michael of Bolton
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Nordwache
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Michael Leon of Bolton Device.jpg
Per fess vert and Or, a lion and three fir trees counterchanged.
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THL Michael of Bolton received a Harp Argent on 06/18/2016 from TRM Conrad III and A'isha II.


  • His official registered name is Michael Leon of Boulton. He has also been known as Michael of Leon.

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From Muirenn inghean Chon Ruaidh 1/18/2024

With deep regret I am letting you know that Michael Boultinghouse, Aka The Honorable Lord Michael Leon of Boulton has passed away. Michael has been a member of our barony for 20 years. His arms are Per fess vert and Or, a lion and three fir trees counterchanged. During his time in the SCA he was awarded the following Kingdome of Caid awards: Award of arms, Dolphin of Caid, Crescent, Argent Arrow, and Harp Argent, Baronial Awards from Nordwache are: Fenix d’Or, Le Beau Coeur(Woodworking), and Talon and Flame (Archery).

He acted as our Archery Captain from his early days in the barony to just a couple of years ago, bringing us many memorable shoots and targets. He was also steward of Great Western War’s Archery several times.. My favorite target was the Charging Viking that he rigged on a rolling platform that advanced on the archer as we shot at it. He brought Thrown Weapons to Nordwache when it started to gain a hold in the Kingdom and provided the Barony with loaner equipment. He was also frequently seen photographing many of our events and courts. I was particularly fond of the photos that would sometimes sport a cartoon snake peeking out of someone’s pouch. He had a fun sense of humor and a love of historical archery. He enjoyed building with wood and created 2 amazing archery carts and a beautiful bed that we could dismantle and take to events.

Outside of the Society for Creative Anachronism he had a keen interest in The North Old Trails Road which later became US66. His knowledge and interest in antique guns was well respected. He had an enjoyment in Black powder shooting and for a number of years ran a Black powder shoot up at Sun Mountain Gun club. There are many who will miss chatting with him about his many historical interests.