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Barony of Angels
Angels shield.png
Gules, a standing seraph affronty proper, winged Or, haloed of a laurel wreath proper
Founded: 9/6/1970 as a Barony
Modern Location: Los Angeles County, minus the territories formed from it. Barony of Angels charter.jpg

The Barony of The Angels is currently held in the keeping of Their Excellencies Uilliam and Fara who stepped up on September 12, 2015.


The Barony of the Angels is the oldest Barony in Caid, and the fourth oldest Barony in the SCA. Originally established in the Greater Los Angeles Basin, it was expanded to include Santa Barbara as the dual barony of Angels and Isles, until Isles broke off on its own. Currently, the Barony includes the original area minus the territories formed from it: (Dreiburgen, Lyondemere, Gyldenholt, Altavia, Heatherwyne, and the former College of Boethius.

The name is taken from Los Angeles, which means "The Angels." Historical tidbit: the full name of the city of Los Angeles in Spanish is El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de la Porciúncula - The town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the little portion. (The "little portion" refers to the tiny chapel used by St. Francis in Assisi, Italy, which is located on a "porziuncola" or "very small parcel of land.")


Blazon: Gules, a standing seraph affronty proper, winged Or, haloed of a laurel wreath proper.

Populace Badge: (Fieldless) a set of seraph's wings Or.Angelsbadge.png

Heraldic officer's title: Seraph The herald's title is derived from the major charge of the arms.


  • Order of the Seraphic Star (1st baronial order in SCA) Angels website
  • Order of Athena: Service to the Barony Angels website
  • Order of Apollo: Excellence in the Arts & Sciences in the Barony Angels website
  • Order of the Seraph: Excellence in the martial arts in the Barony Angels website
  • Order of the Cherubim: Bestowed upon children for service to the Barony Angels website
  • Order of the Virtues: this Order recognizes exceptionally courteous behavior. Decided and given by the Baroness of Angels alone. Angels website
  • Baronial Recognition of Excellence: For special service to the Barony Angels website
  • The Hester Spoon: Annual culinary competition held at Angels Anniversary Angels website
  • Order of the Soggy Maunche: Service in the kitchen and/or at banquets on behalf of the Barony (no longer given)
  • Order of the Muddy Cloak: Courtesy to others (no longer given)
  • Order of General Silliness: Sometimes a not-so-serious award is justified. This award is given at Their Excellencies of Angels' discretion. An example of this was bestowed upon a member of the Barony for "cat-herding" folks at GWW.


Read past and current issues of The Seraph here. (Note: Last issue posted in the folder is December 2016). If you have any trouble accessing the newsletter, contact the Angels webwright at chronicler @ sca-angels dot org.

Baronial Chroniclers

Blackfox Awards: The Seraph has been nominated for, and won, several William Blackfox Awards:

2013 (A.S. 48):

(Publicly announced at Spring Coronation, 6 Jun 2015)

2011 (A.S. 46):

  • Nominee, Best Layout and Design, Co-Chroniclers-Duchess Natalya de Foix & Jean-Christophe Messier

2010 (A.S. 45)

  • Nominee, Best Overall Newsletter, co-Chroniclers-Duchess Natalya de Foix & Jean-Christophe Messier
  • Nominee, Best Poetry or Short Fiction, Angels' 39th Anniversary, Baron Giles Hill

2009 (A.S. 43)

2005 (A.S. 39)

2002 (A.S. 36)

  • Nominee, Best Overall Newsletter, Chronicler-THL Fu Ching Lan
  • Nominee, Best Layout and Design, Chronicler-THL Fu Ching Lan

Colleges & Cantons of Angels

As of July 2012, the Barony has no active Colleges or Cantons.

Former Territories of Angels



Upcoming event information can be found on the Baronial website Events Section

View a list of the Angels event pages that have been created so far on this wiki at Angels Events.

Champions of Angels

Year Armored Rapier Archery Thrown Weapons Unarmored Equestrian Youth Combat A&S Games
2015 THL Adam MacAndrew Master Laertes McBride Lady Jacqueline of Lyondemere Lord Brynjólfr Brandsson TBD Lady Alianora MacMahan and Daisy THL Meala Caimbuel TBD
2014 THL Adam MacAndrew Don Colwyn Stagghorn Hugh ap Rhys Baron Cristofanus Castellani Alianora MacMahan and Daisy (staying on another year) Lisla (up to 6), Catelyn (7-9), and Justin (10-13) THL Gehrig Reimundsson No Games Champion in 2014
2013 Sir Athanaric Thorismund Sunnus Don Angus le Todde Mac Donnell Achilleous of Altavia THL Nikolaos Phaistios Alianora MacMahan and Daisy Richard Letterford (up to 6); (7-9) Nicolai Stagghorn (7-9); Seraphina Blackrune (10-13)
2012 Baron Paganus Grimlove
2011 Duke Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia Don Ian Duncanson THL James Everglad Baron Cristofanus Castellani
2010 THL Hagar the Blushing Master Laertes McBride THL James Everglad; Youth Archery: Eric Bernard Baron Paganus Grimlove
2009 Baron Cristofanus Castellani Baron Cristofanus Castellani was the Barony's 1st Thrown Weapons Champion Robert Kapke and Shadow were the Barony's 1st official Equestrian Champions
2008 Lord Sechequr Qara Don Colyn mac Labhruinn THL Robert Lanternsmith THL Ariadne de Glevo represented the Barony in the Territorial Equestrian Champions Tournament
2007 Brighid Bansealgaire ni Muirenn - event date moved from October to March/April
2006 Robin Greenwood
2005 Duke Edric Aaron Hartwood Robin Greenwood Don Njall Olaf Hagarson
2004 Lady Culfre MacQuohollister - 1st Robin Hood Tourney, held in October
1977 Sir Lasarian of Twrynyswr
1976 The Dragon of Angels: Sir Robear du Bois, Lord Gwydiaan am y'Gorlwyn, Thomas of Whitelow and Master Duryn the Red
1974 Baron Maihie McFergy
1973 Viscount Sir Hugh the Undecided
1970 1st Armored Combat Tourney; no champion

Seraph Bard

Determined at the Barony's Yule celebration

Baronial Seneschals

Need info for 1998-02/2003

Need info for 03/1994-1996

More Information

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