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First awarded on October 13, 1973, the Hester Spoon is given to the winner of the Barony of the Angels' annual culinary competition held at Angels Anniversary. This is one of the oldest contests in the Kingdom, and is so named because the token is a mother-of-pearl spoon (hence the whimsical reference to Hester Prynne, who is admittedly a bit past the SCA period. For those who were not subjected to it in school, Hester Prynne, the mother of young Pearl, is the sort-of heroine of "The Scarlet Letter.")

The Hester Spoon bestows no title nor is there a device associated with it. Beginning in 2004 or thereabouts, the previous winner selects the next year's theme. 2009 was the first year in which both an SCA and post-SCA period winner was chosen.

Rules for 2018: Period category entrants are encouraged to write up to one page of documentation; a bibliography, resources or process pictures page can be separate. Both Period and Non-Period category entrants must provide a list of ingredients in their dish. Please provide your own serving utensils and small plates or napkins as appropriate for sampling. Your dish must be able to withstand hot weather without refrigeration needed, so plan appropriately. No raw onions or garlic.

(If you are a previous winner and/or are able to provide missing information, please contact Duchess Natalya de Foix at webwright@sca-angels.org.

10/13/73: Theme? - Tyra Stuart of Moray
10/05/74: Fruit Pies & Tarts - Winner?
10/04/75: Open Category (any dish) - Dana of Coleraine (Herbed Bread)
10/02/76: Carrots - Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon
10/01/77: Theme? - Winner?
10/01/78: Fruit & Nuts - Winner?
09/25/79: Mushrooms - Winner?
09/00/80: Theme? - Winner?
09/00/81: Middle Eastern Main Dish - Winner?
09/26/82: Mushrooms - Winner?
09/26/83: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/84: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/85: Theme? - Winner?
09/27/86: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/87: Spices - Winner?
09/26/88: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/89: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/90: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/91: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/92: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/93: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/94: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/95: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/96: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/97: Theme? - Winner?
09/26/98: Theme? - Winner?
09/25/99: Theme? - Winner?
09/23/00: Theme? - Winner?
09/22/01: Theme? - Winner?
09/07/02: Theme? - Winner?
09/06/03: Theme? - Winner?
09/11/04: Nuts - Winner?
09/10/05: Theme? - Muiriath mac Labhruinn
09/30/06: Almonds - Selene Colfox
09/26/07: Theme? - Winner?
09/13/08: Cheese - Máirghréad nicChlurain
09/12/09: Apples - Catherine Aimeri de Winter (SCA period]]
09/11/10: Pears - Maud of the Well (SCA period) & Malie Arbuthnott (post-SCA period)
09/10/11: Honey - Rutilia Fausta (SCA period) & Tahira al-Fahida (post-SCA period)
09/08/12: Dates - Asakura Machime (SCA period) & Courtney of the White Meadow (post-SCA period) &
09/14/13: Apples - Zosime Pompeiana (Maud of the Well) (SCA period) & Cora Thorinsdottir (Cora Aelf Bairn) (post-SCA period)
09/13/14: Thyme - Rutilia Fausta (SCA Period) & Rayne Archer of Annan (post-SCA period)
09/12/15: Cucumbers - Thorbjorn Ivarsson (SCA period)
09/10/16: Almonds - Kong Lian (SCA period) & Rayne Archer of Annan (post-SCA period)
09/09/17: Honey -Zosime Pompeiana (SCA period) & Mealla Caimbeul (post-SCA period)
09/08/18: Onions - TBD

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