Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

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Lynnette at the wheel!
Preferred title: Dame or Baroness or THL or Lady or The Honorable Lady de Lux
Their Pronouns: She / Her
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Lynnette Device.jpg
PU, a unicorn couchant to sinister AR, armed Or, between 3 roses argent
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Baroness Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los UnicorniosRRE has been in the SCA since 1978. She was elevated to the Order of the Pelican on 06/03/1995 by TRM Ivan III and Aislynn II. Her long-standing service to Altavia is reflected in the 11+ Augmentations to the Sable Fret that she has received. She is also an extremely accomplished needlewoman who teaches classes in a variety of fiber arts.

She received a special recognition as part of the [Joy Initiative] on May 14, 2016 after being recommended by Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano for her webwright work including working to keep personal pages updated on the Caid Wiki.

She received a Royal Recognition of Excellence from Pansa and Katherine on September 11, 2021 for her work putting on online classes (and recruiting new members) at Fiberuary in February 2021, during The Great Pestilence.



Lynnette was born in 1557, the daughter of a Spanish court scribe and an English Lady-in-Waiting. Her parents met while in England in the service of Catherine of Aragon, wife of King Henry VIII.

When Catherine fell into disfavor with Henry, her retainers were dismissed and her parents moved to Spain. Lynnette was born and raised in Spain. Her family split their time between the family home in the town of Sandoval near the Valley of the Unicorns (Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios), and the Royal Court where her father was a court scribe.

One day while on an unapproved excursion in the marketplace outside the Royal enclosure, she met a "hairy, half naked, barbarian" by the name of Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling. Eventually seeing past that first impression, she married Timotheus and moved with him to his family's lands in Germany. Currently they reside in the Barony of Altavia in the Kingdom of Caid where the climate is MUCH better than in Germany.

Sandoval means Sacred Valley, and the town was so named because it's above the valley that local legend says is inhabited by unicorns. The belief is that man and animal used to live in peace under the influence of unicorns, but man became unsatisfied by the constraints imposed by the unicorns and left for a freer life. From that day man has been unable to see the unicorns that they rejected.

Lynnette’s family motto is "Flowers grow in the shadow of the unicorn" which reflects the wish that we could recapture at least some of that simpler time and once again see the unicorns and live a more peaceful life.

Interestingly, the name Lynnette is derived from the word Linnet, a small brown bird that eats linen seeds. Her parents named her well, as she has developed a lifelong love of fiber arts!

Sister Sangria

My persona story as a member of the Widows Abbey household: Sister Sangria

Offices & Positions




  • Auction Wrangler, Queen's Champion, January 22, 2022; Altavia Anniversary 2022, May 2022, Asst-Wrangler Altavia Anniversary 2023, May 2023, May 2024
  • Advisor, 1994 to 2023
  • Chronicler, November 2021 to current
  • Collegium Regent, 5/1992 to 10/2001
  • Event Steward, Altavia Agincourt Archery and Thrown Weapons Tournament, 10/24/2010 (and several others)
  • Gold Key, date unknown
  • Lady in Waiting or Chief Lady in Waiting, 1985 (?) to 1994
  • Lists officer, 5/1992 to 5/1994
  • Merchant Steward / Backup Merchant Steward, 2016 to current
  • Raffle Wrangler, Altavia Anniversary 2015, 05/09/2015 (and several other raffles and white elephant sales)
  • Seneschal, 5/1988 to 5/1989, 9/2003 to 5/2006
  • Webwright, 5/2006 to 5/2023





Barbarian Freehold Alliance

  • Chief, 2004 to current

Online Activities

Online Classes Taught

Performance Activities


  • Organized and Ran a month of online classes. The event was not run as an SCA event, but the vast majority of the teachers, Zoom hosts, video processors, and students were from the SCA. The Facebook group had 1,500 members from across the world and the Known World. There were 40+ classes taught during the month of February 2021 and posted to the Fiberuary channel of YouTube.

The classes I taught were:

  • Cordmaking on a Lucet, 2/20/2021
  • Knitting Beyond the Basics: Slip Stitch Semi-Plaid Knit Pattern, 2/22/2021
  • Learn to Use a Knitting Loom, 2/24/2021
  • Basics and history of kumihimo, 2/26/2021




A&S Interests

Almost anything fiber art related -- Spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, kumihimo, lucet cord making, cross stitch, and more. Plus bead work, and other crafts.

Created and runs the Fiber Playday -- free, hands-on, open workshop and playday for sharing ideas and skills between beginning, intermediate, and advanced Inkle Weavers, Card Weavers, Spinners, Braiders, Lacemakers,and Fiber Artists of all types.

A&S Classes Taught

  • Brewing
    • Fermented Fruit, Caid Collegium Spring 1989, Caid Collegium Spring 1990, Caid Collegium Fall 1991, Caid Great Western War 2006
    • Liqueurs: History and How To (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1992
  • Fiber Arts
    • Weaving (Children), Caid Collegium Spring 1990
    • Spinning & Weaving in the Middle Ages (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Fall 1990
    • Fiber History: Asbestos to Yak (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1990
    • Tapestry Weaving (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Fall 1991
    • Spinning with Drop Spindles (co-teacher for Children), Collegium Caidis Spring 2002
    • Needlebooks, Caid Collegium Fall 1989, Caid Collegium Fall 2005
    • Lucet Cordmaking: From Bodice Ties to Frogs, Caid Collegium Spring 1993, Caid Collegium Fall 2000, Mons Draconis Mini-Collegium 2002,
    • Lucet Cordmaking: For Children, Caid Collegium Spring 1993, Caid Collegium Fall 2000
    • Lucet: Two Color Cord Making with a Lucet, Caid Great Western War 2006, Collegium Caidis 2009
    • Advanced Inkle Loom Techniques (Advanced Class), Caid Collegium Fall 2001
    • Inkle and Card Weaving: Next Steps, Collegium Caidis Fall 2008, Caid Great Western War 2008
    • Japanese Kumihimo Braiding or "What are they doing with those coffee can lids?", Collegium Caidis Spring 2004, GDW Fiber Retreat 2006, Caid Great Western War 2006, Collegium Caidis Spring 2007
    • Kumihimo On a Marudai Stand, Collegium Caidis 2010
    • Kumihimo on a Marudai, Collegium Caidis 2013
    • Card Weave Tubes and Pockets, Collegium Caidis 2013
    • Inkle Weaving - Simple Beginnings, Great Western War 2015
    • Inkle Weaving - Surface Decoration (Patterns), Great Western War 2015
  • Herbal
    • A Potpourri of Herbal Uses, Caid Collegium Fall 1985, Caid Collegium Fall 1987, Caid Collegium Spring 1989
    • Potpourri for Children, Caid Collegium ?? 198?
    • Medieval Herbology: Overview (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Fall 1988
    • Herbology 201: Culinary (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1989
    • Herbology 301: Medica (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Fall 1989
    • Herbology 401: Taylor Tour (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1990
    • Herbology 402: Gardening (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1990
    • Herbology 403: Miscellania (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1990
    • Natural Dye Workshop (co-teacher), Altavia Arts Retreat, March 23 & 24, 1991

A&S Competition Entries

  • 1989 Caid A&S Pentathlon (November)
    • Exchequer Baldric (Warp-faced weaving) -- Caid A&S Pentathlon 11/1989 -- 1st place, Journeyman (Entered in Apprentice)
    • Woven Decorative Reins (Warp-faced weaving) -- 1st place, Apprentice
    • Pyment (Liqueurs) 2nd place, Apprentice
    • Moth Repellent Potpourri (Functional, Other) -- No place, Apprentice
    • Handspun Tussah Silk Yarn -- No place, Apprentice
  • 1990 Estrella War (Februrary)
    • Fermented Fruit Pot -- 1st place (by 1 point out of 33 entries!) and Documentation pulled for consideration in documentation judging.
    • Norman Flatbread -- No place but documentation pulled for consideration in documentation judging.
  • 1991 Caid A&S Pentathlon (October)
    • Flax Thread (Spinning) -- 1st place Journeyman
    • Brandied Cherries in the Style of Medieval Subtleties -- 1st place, Journeyman
    • Woven Chessboard (Warp-faced weaving) -- 1st place, Journeyman
    • Chatelaine Baldric (Warp-faced weaving) -- 2nd place, Journeyman
    • Kneeling Pillow (Needlepoint) -- No place, Journeyman
    • Tourney Loaf -- No place, Apprentice
  • 2004 Caid Brewers Guild Interkingdom Brewing Contest at GWW (October)
    • Almond Liqueur -- 1st place
  • 2005 Caid Brewers Guild Interkingdom Brewing Contest at GWW (October)
    • Chocolate Covered, Almond Stuffed, Brandied Cherries in the Style of a Medieval Subtlety -- 1st place
  • 2021 A&S Duel: Cross stitch trim, 07/17/2021: 2 yards of Acorn trim, I lost by 2 points with 53 points out of 55 possible.

A&S Projects


2014: PROJECT: Tokens made for each of the previous Altavia Baronage for presentation by Cristofanus and Cecilia at their stepping up, 2014 LynnetteAltaviBBtokens.jpg




SCA Historical find: Cross stitch pattern (I didn't create it) for an armband that was worn by several of us in the early 80's (I think).

The armband was worn as a commitment to be courteous and to promote courteous behavior.

It was started by a few people (I don't remember who) and they encouraged anyone who was interested to make and wear one. So the pattern is available to anyone who is interested.

The pattern is a yellow rose on a white background, sewn into a lavender cotton fabric armband.

2013: PROJECT: Favors made for the Right Noble Brewers' Guild of Caid with the unofficial titles "The Tim" for Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling and "The Donal" for Donal O'Brien

2014: PROJECT: Chatalaine made for Bridget I, needlework and beading

Spinning & Weaving




SCA Stories

St. Sangria
  • Legend of Saint Sangria -- The full and complete legend of this wonderful saint (7/02/05)
  • Sister Sangria -- My persona story as a member of the Widows Abbey household, and how it created a saintly legend

Traditional Tales Retold

  • A Tale As Old As Salt -- "What the heck does salt have to do with anything?" you ask. THAT is the question answered by my version of a traditional tale that spans many cultures and time periods (5/2024)



Other Service Activities

Autocrating, Lists, teaching, etc

Service Classes Taught

  • Lists Office, Caid Collegium Spring 1994, Caid Collegium Fall 1994
  • Autocrating Made Easy (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 1993
  • Event Autocrating, Caid Collegium Fall 1994, Caid Collegium Spring 2004
  • Service Can be Fun for Kids (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 2004
  • Service Can be Fun for Teens (co-teacher), Caid Collegium Spring 2004
  • Banquet Serving, Caid Collegium Fall 1998




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