Angels Showcase Raffle 2015

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Angels Showcase Raffle 2015
Location: Angels
Date: 09/12/2015

A special "Showcase Raffle" with exceptional and hand-crafted items will be held at Angels Anniversary & Investiture 2015.

Event Staff


The Angels 45th Anniversary raffle was a great success due to the contributions of MANY people!

Thank you to Baron Liam, Baroness Fara, and Lady Selewynn Beltran for their fantastic idea to have a “select” raffle. To event steward Lady Sonya St. Pauli Blackrune for the great name “Showcase Raffle”. And to the four of them for allowing me to run the raffle! It was great fun getting to showcasing some of our wonderful artisans and donors!

Of course, Thank you to all those wonderful artisans and donors: Lady Arianna Foxford, Baroness Arianwen Megan McBride of Arainn, Lady Briana MacCabe, Countess Bridget Lucia MacKenzie, Tiarna Ciothruadh Dubh aka Kythera of Anevern, THL Fu Ching Lan, Lady Maile Fergusson, Lord Eadric the Younger, Baroness Faraand Baron Liam, Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, Lady Muirenn ingen Ailella, Lord Paul fitz Denis, Baron Peter Cadarn, Lady Rowena del Baylly (Garb The World), Lady Selewynn Beltran, Lady Sonya St. Pauli Blackrune, Baroness Therese of the White Griffin, and Lord William Úlfsson!

Thank you to all the fantastic folks who bought tickets and who came by to view the showcase and appreciate the donations!

Thank You to Duchess Natalya de Foix for creating the great Caid Wiki page to showcase our raffle items and donors. Several people told me they’d been following the page to watch for new raffle items!

Thank you Very Much to Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani who created the fantastic “Instant Gratification” Grab Bags that folks loved so much!

I deeply appreciate all of those who helped the day of the raffle, things went smoothly because of your hard work! THANK YOU!

Setup: Lady Arianna Foxford
Ticket Sales: THL Edith of Arbroath, and Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Heralds: Dame Selene Colfox, Baron Cormac Mor, Baroness Tezar of Aeolis
Callers: Lady Cassandra de Lorrain, and Lady Monique Marie Sauniere
Lovely Vannas: THL AEthelwynne of Ashgrove, Lady Arianna Foxford, Cassie, and Baroness Cecilia
Take Down: Lady Arianna Foxford, THL Edith of Arbroath, and Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling

And always Thank You to Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling for his help and support on the whole project!

I apologize for anyone I’ve left out … I was a bit brain dead by the end of the day (some would say all day!), please let me know who you are so.

Gratefully Yours, Dame Lynnette

Raffle Items & Donor Info

Item Donated by Commissions? Click on photo for better view
1 & 2: Painted Banner Promissory
She will work with the winner in designing a banner (25 inches x 25 inches), a standard (2 feet x 4 feet long), or a gonfalone (24 inches x 36 inches).
2 promissories will be raffled off !!
THL Fu Ching Lan Yes FuBannerPromissory.jpg
3 & 4: Set of 12 Customized Thread-Wrapped Buttons Promissory:
This style of button was common in all areas of Europe from approx 1550 on,and they are documentable, documentation is available if requested. Four Styles and two sizes are available. To provide the best color matching I am asking you provide the thread color(s) you prefer.
2 promissories will be raffled off !!
Lady Maile Fergusson Yes ButtonsPromissory.jpg
5: Painted Silk Fan Promissory:
She will personally hand-paint your device onto a lovely silk fan. Based on a graphic file or paper copy you provide of heraldic device.
Countess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie No PaintedFanPromissory.jpg
6: Card Woven Belt Promissory:
Woven cotton or wool trim/belt. Belt will be approximately 2-3 yards Maximum belt width of 2". He will work with the winner to choose colors and materials.
Lord William Ulfsson No BeltPromissory.jpg
7: Blue and White, Cotton and Silk Fabric.
The fabric is made of Silk and Cotton and is 5 yds long, ~50” wide on a cardboard roll (no folds!).
Cloth4less Yes SonyaFabric.jpg
8: Hand-woven Bag:
One of her very popular hand woven bags. The bag is handwoven of 100% wool all handspun. With a 100% cotton fabric lining. The bag is 15" x 15" with a long shoulder strap.

Photo is a sample, raffle bag will be woven in red, black, and white.

Mistress Therese of the White Griffin Yes ThereseBag.jpg
9: Portable Chair
This wooden chair breaks down for travel and comes with a protective fabric bag for transport.
Tobi, the cat, is in it for size reference and is not part of the raffle!
THL Fu Ching Lan No Chair.jpg
10: A Viking Festoon
These are SAMPLE festoons. The festoon she is making for the raffle will not have as many lampworked beads, but she promisea there will be at least a focus bead and several unusual beads, along with gemstones and other materials.
Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani No Bjos festoons.jpg
11: Personalized Pokkit Heraldree Promissory
A personal "Pokkit Heraldree" item created by the artist. "Pokkit Heraldree" is a 3.5 x 2.5 inch card decorated with a personal device or populace badge. Examples can be found on the artist's Caid Wiki page
Tiarna Ciothruadh Dubh Yes PokkitHeraldreePromissory.jpg
12: Historic Shoe Promissory
A pair of historic shoes (up to $75), your choice of style, color, and size. Check out the website to see what wonderful shoes are available: Garb The World Shoes
Garb The World Yes ShoePromissory.jpg
13: The Art of Ratatouille Signed by Director Brad Bird and Producer Brad Lewis
The Art of Ratatouille includes more than 200 of the artistic ingredients of the film: storyboards, full-color pastels, digital and pencil sketches, character studies, maquettes, and more. Effusive quotes from the director, artists, animators, and production team reveal the genius at work inside the studio that changed cartoon heroes forever.
The book has been signed by Director Brad Bird and Producer Brad Lewis
Lord Eadric the Younger No Ratatouille.jpg
14: Roman Wire Wrapped Necklace
A handmade wire wrapped necklace. Made with freshwater pearls, glass beads, and brass wire. With a spiral hook and eye closure. Finished length is 27 inches (which is including clasps). The necklace comes with a knitted pouch made by Emma of Cardiganshire.
Lady Arianna Foxford Yes WireWrappedRomanNecklace.jpg
15: Bard for a Day
The current Bard of Altavia, will act as YOUR personal bard for the day at one (single-day) event of this promissory holder’s choosing.
Do you need a message delivered with dramatic flair? A song performed? A love poem crafted? A sonnet declaimed in your honor?
She will be available to provide for your bardic whims … Potential services you can request:
If you are a fighter, she can act as personal field herald, with flair!
Shakespearean insults and/or compliments delivered to persons of your choosing.
If you are of a poetical bent but not a performing one, she will recite poetry or sing songs of your devising.
Be the talk of the kingdom with your own personal bard! Annoy your enemies and amaze your friends!
Lady Briana MacCabe Yes BardForADay.jpg
16: Saxon Seax
Seax and leather belt sheath. The seax is 18 inches from pommel to point, the blade is 11 inches by 1.75 inches. Maker unknown.
Baron Peter Cadarn No Seax.jpg
17: Youth Combat Shield Promissory
The winner of this promissory will receive an SCA legal Youth Combat Shield with the youth’s device or other simple design painted on it.
The shield will be made of wood with foam edging, and can be either side strapped or round. It will be made to the youth’s dimensions.
The winner will work with him to decide on size, shape, and design.
Sir Uilliam mór MacGregor (Liam) No YouthCombatShieldPromissary.jpg
18: Rapier Dagger
Dagger and PVC cover. The dagger is 23 inches from pommel to point, the blade is 18 inches long. Maker unknown.
Lady Selewynn Beltran No RapierDagger.jpg
19:Personal Tribute Poem
Who reads my lines and verses now should know that noble folk are made more noble yet when poets celebrate them. None forget adroitly crafted songs of praise; oh no.
But how could you attract a poet so well-versed (and without going into debt), who could your merits see and would beget the stanzas by which your just fame might grow?
Fear not, my friend: the one who crafted me, Lord Paul fitz Denis, Caid's Royal Bard, shall write an ode, majestic and sincere
for whomsoever wins me; unto thee he shall a work deliver and safeguard. So show largesse and place your tickets here.
Lord Paul fitz Denis No PoemPromissory.jpg
20: Leaf Pendent Sterling Silver Necklace
The leaf pendent is 99.999 fine silver with a light raku enameling, and a tiny keeum-boo dusting of 24K gold.
The leaf was made by molding sterling silver clay over an actual leaf, which then burned off in the firing process.
The chain, clasp, bead caps, and toggle are sterling silver. The toggle is augmented with two faceted fresh water pearls.
The chain is 16 inches long, and can be shortened by the winner if necessary.
Lady Muirgein ingen Ailella Yes RaffleLeafNecklace.jpg
21: Hand Knit Shawl
One of her famous hand knit shawls! Made from wool yarn donated by Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
Baroness Arianwen McBride Yes RaffleShawl.jpg
22: Jewelry Crafting Books
Ancient Modern: Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry by Ronna Sarvas Weltman
Beautiful Beading: Designs for Handmade, Beads, Jewelry & Decorative Objects by Sara Withers
Beautiful Jewelry Make It * Wear It DVD
Enchanted Adornments: Creating Mixed-Media Jewelry with Metal Clay, Wire, Resin & More by Cynthia Thornton
Enlightened Polymer Clay: Artisan Jewelry Designs Inspired by Nature by Rie Nagumo
How to Make Soft Jewelry: Create Stunning Fashion Accents on Your Sewing Machine by Jackie Dodson
Jewelry: A Practical Guide to Creative Crafts (DK Crafts Library) by Miranda Innes
The New Beadwork by Kathlyn Moss and Alice Scherer
Multistrand Jewelry: Secrets for Success by the publisher of Bead Style magazine
PolyShrink Jewelry Techniques by Jo Rebeka and Kit Zimmerman
Baroness Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios No BooksForRaffle.jpg
23: Break Down Tourney Cart
Break down cart for tourney or war gear. Maker unknown.
No TourneyCart.jpg
24: "Tiffany" Style Hanging Lamp Shade
Hanging "Tiffany" style lamps shade. Looks like it needs some rewiring. Maker unknown.
Lady Muirgein ingen Ailella No LampShade.jpg

Raffle Photos

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