Maile Fergusson

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Maile Fergusson
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Maile Fergusson born 1555 in Nether Kinmundy a small town in Aberdeenshire Scotland, to Robert and Molly Ferguson. She was third of six children one older brother and sister, two younger brothers and two younger sisters.

She was sent to be fostered with an Aunt Ede and Uncle William who lived in Aberdeen and though they liked her well and things went pleasant enough she was too independent a thinker for their liking as her Aunt tells it, mostly without overt sarcasm. As a result Maile was sent to the priory for her education. It’s interesting to note that not long after this her Aunt and Uncle remodeled the kitchen and expanded the flower bed.

There she showed some skill in embroidery and making of buttons and other Passamenterie as well as reading and writing. Aberdeen being a port town Maile picked up bits of several languages and stories from several cultures.

When she turned 17 she was sent to France by the Prioress to apprentice in the Button Makers Guilds to learn and expand her skills. From this income even after the fifth paid to the guild she was skilled enough to be able to send money back to the Convent.

As her skills grew she began instructing others and soon was called to teach these skills to tailors and lady’s maids in various households. This has led to travel through France, Italy and later Sweden. Eventually to return to Scotland to teach in the sewing schools for girls.

Classes Taught

  • Thread Wrapped Buttons at Altavia Arts & Sciences class: 9/22/2014 & 9/29/2015
  • Thread Wrapped Buttons at [Agincourt Tourney], 10/26/2014

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