Angels Anniversary 2014

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Baron Peter Cadarn & Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain
Location: Kuns Park, La Verne, CA
Date: 9/14/2013

Angels Anniversary 2014

From the event announcement: "Baron Peter Cadarn and Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain invite all to join in celebrating the Barony of Angels’ 44th Anniversary as we look “beyond graciousness and loyalty to honor and giving” and give back to the community that supports us. As part of our theme, Noblesse Oblige, the Barony will be sponsoring a food drive for the local Food Bank (Inland Empire Hope Partners). We will ask all attending to help us by bringing items for the food drive. We also encourage you to wear garb, jewelry, belts, etc. that have been given to you as gifts to honor those who have gifted you. We also encourage all fighters - armored, unarmored and rapier - to chose a consort "for the day" and to wear a token to honor your consort while you are fighting."

Event Staff


The site, Kuns Park in La Verne, CA, was well-shaded and beautiful but the day was hot. Very very hot. Extremely (103) hot.

  • The Right Noble Brewers' Guild hosted a snow cone booth to support the Royal Travel Fund
  • The new baronial thrones, crafted by Steve Hanlan (woodworking) and Lord Santiago of the Angels (aka Ryuusaki Raiden) (leatherworking), were debuted. These were part of the regalia refurbishment project undertaken by THL Fu Ching Lan.
  • Lady Ysenda MacLaren of Perthshire organized a food drive to support the Inland Valley Hope Partners. Contributors received 1 raffle ticket, up to 5 per person, for food donations. Lady Selewynn Beltran ran the Food Drive at the event, along with Lord Quynne Asher of Timbremere and Lord Caspian Blackrune. Duke Sven Örfhendur and his cohorts helped load the food (approximately 700 pounds) into the truck, and His Grace's efforts, in armor, impressed the gentleman from the food bank so much that he said he wants to get involved in the SCA!
  • In honor of Her birthday (Sept 14), Her Majesty received a number of gifts, including:


For more information:

  • Barony of the Angels awards: [1] (Click on the word "Recipients" to see a detailed list)
  • Kingdom of Caid awards: [2]


  • Hester Spoon (Thyme): SCA-period won by Baroness Rutilia Fausta for Sa'tariyya (a chicken and thyme dish from The Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook) and Non-SCA period won by Lady Rayne Archer of Annan for Mushroom, Walnut and Thyme Cheesecake
  • Arts & Sciences:
    • Champion: Lord Gehrig Reimundsson for a scholarly Treatise on Hellebore Arrow Poison
    • People's Choice: Einar Hrafnsson

A Poem in the Ballade Form

Written on the subject of "Noblesse Oblige"

Presented to Their Majesties Agrippa and Bridget King and Queen of Caid, Their Royal Highnesses Mansur and Eilidh Crown Prince and Princess of Caid, Their Excellencies Peter and Gabrielle Baron and Baroness of the Angels, and the event autocrats Lady Ysenda MacLaren of Perthshire and Lady Corinna de la Mare


This day of dares, we look beyond the glee,
Of summer meres and minstrelsy’s indite,
Of flying mottoes, pride and chivalry,
And reckon those, beyond the tourney bright.
Fair day it is when kindness clears our sight,
And on the true, these qualities confer,
Noblesse and Honor, always shining right,
Good station goes where alms must be incurred.

This day of dares, we see that charity,
Now banyan-armed, and wanting, goes to fight,
Reproving Need, with Generosity,
Good acts alone can send her foes to flight.
Noblesse and Honor serve her cause aright,
Our tender hearts, her enemies endure,
The ones who care, are any land’s requite,
Good station goes where alms must be incurred.

This day of dares, we fix the things we see,
By almonry and victuals, contrite,
For love un-cruppers Lack and Misery,
That shaves our hopes of bread and morning light.
Good actions stand, unselfish in their might,
And to their arms, the lesser must defer,
To conquer Want, should be the soul’s delight,
Good station goes where alms must be incurred.

This day of dares, we look beyond the glee,
Of glory deeds and gallantry’s recite,
For earthly plumes that start and end with “Me,”
But fair repair, of Fortune, pence and plight.
Give as you may, Noblesse would well incite,
To hearth and pantry silver now refer,
Stand Lance and Captain through the hungered night,
Good station goes where alms must be incurred.


Good Prince, I close, my lyric is finite,
But so are you, your crown and all your myrrh,
But our Noblesse extends our name and rite,
Good station knows the alms it has incurred.

By “Der Alte Dietrich’
Herzog Dietrich von Vogelsang
September 11th, A.S. XLIX
Reprinted with permission from Duke Dietrich von Vogelsang

A Birthday Song

Come and listen to the story
Of Queen Bridget, wise and fair.
In Caid she reigned in glory,
flashing eyes and golden hair.
King Agrippa’s consort true,
To whom all tribute is due,
Queen of Beauty and Virtue.

From a magic kingdom she came,
Fun for all her solemn vow
Great theatre, not drama her aim,
Sable Fret adorned her brow.
Friend to children, kind to all,
Tangled string her one downfall,
Patron of the Sheep-to-Shawl.

Warrior she, no meek bystander
In the hall or on the field.
Claimed the Golden Oleander,
won a scroll upon a shield.
Hear her cries for battle keen,
Fearless as e'er one was seen.
Corvus Brother, warrior queen.

Come and listen to the story
Of Queen Bridget, wise and fair.
In Caid she reigned in glory,
flashing eyes and golden hair.
When she smiles the way she glows
cannot be expressed in prose.
Our beloved Golden Rose.

Reprinted with permission from Lord Paul fitz Denis
Set to the tune of Palästinalied


Special Announcement

At Opening Court at Angels' Anniversary the following Announcement was made:

Our lives in the SCA are governed by how well we can balance time between the Current Middle Ages and the modern world because the responsibilities of the Baronage require, among other things, a great deal of time. The duties of a landed Baron and Baroness are not just a weekend adventure, but require time during the week as well.

It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as Baron and Baroness of Angels for three years; however, within the last year Baron Peter's business has increased and Baroness Gabrielle received a promotion at work that has her working 55-60 hours a week. It is due to this increase in duties that the obligations of our modern world careers must now take precedence.

It is our intention to step down as Baron and Baroness at Angels' Anniversary, 2015. To that end, we invite all who are interested in serving as Baron and Baroness of Angels to submit their Letters of Intent directly to us by midnight November 1, 2014. We will announce our successors at Angels' Melee on January 10, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly by email and not on Facebook.

Yours in Service,

Baron Peter Cadarn and Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain


More Information

Along with the Barony's FB page (Barony of the Angels), there are two FB pages for this event:

  • Angels Anniversary (hosted by Lady Fu Ching Lan, the co-Webwright for Angels)
  • Angels Anniversary 2014 (hosted by the Kingdom of Caid)


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