Cristofanus and Cecilia

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Cristofanus and Cecilia of Altavia.jpg
Cristofanus and Cecilia
Baron: Cristofanus Castellani
Baroness: Cecilia Medici
Baronage of: Altavia
Preceded by: Secca and Meliora
Succeeded by: Nikolaos and Briana

Baron Cristofanus Castellani and Baroness Cecilia Medici were the seventh Baron and Baroness of Altavia. They were invested at Altavia Anniversary and Investiture 2014 and served until 05/12/2018.

A Sestina For Their Excellencies Cristofanus Castellani and Cecilia Medici, Baron and Baroness of Altavia

Proud coronets they wear, patrons of the arts,
dressed in green like the trees, in black like the crows.
Their merest whim could loose flights of keen arrows,
archers backed by scores of swords, spears, and axes.
Their foes would be toyed with, as mice are by cats,
so devoted are all those in their service.

But what foes have they, these who live by service?
None. Theirs is a reign of peace and of the arts;
their people held safe and secure, as like cats
sleeping warmed by the sun, bothered not by crows.
Warriors pass their time decorating axes,
while fletchers make hunting shafts, not war arrows.

And though at peace, the air is filled with arrows.
They teach all comers, such is their service,
instructing in the ways of spears, knives, axes,
showing to all the archer’s and thrower's arts.
And watching this scene from the sky are the crows,
entranced by the sounds, like winged black cats.

Yet in other times, in the calm, when cats
stretch lazily across the hearthstones, arrows
sitting in piles to be repaired, then do crows
take flight across the canvases, in service
to the scenes brought to life by his painter’s arts,
circling, seeking ancient trees safe from axes.

So in those times too, when quiet are axes,
come forth those bright baubles so tempting to cats.
she dips with her needles and works other arts,
with stitches as straight and true as her arrows,
beads and jewels pressed as well into service,
that which she fashions so intriguing to crows.

How full are their days, from before the cock crows
'til long after sun has set; for as axes'
blades are first into the wood, they in service
to their people are first to be there. Though cats
long for naps, to dream of pineapples, arrows
they are, propelled through the sky by all their arts.

Cristoph with his crows, Cecilia with her cats:
on one string, two arrows shine like keen axes,
devoting their lives to service and the arts.