Fall Coronation/Queen's Champion 1986

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Location: Angels
Date: 11/22-23/1986

Coronation of Avery and Larissa

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

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Fall Coronation will be held on Saturday, 22 November at the Masonic Temple at 200 S. Euclid in Pasadena (northeast corner of Euclid and Cordova).

Anyone wishing to make a presentation must contact the Crescent Principal Herald Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, in writing, at least one week in advance.

Two rules need to be observed on that day:

  • 1. The site is dry
  • 2. No eating or drinking is allowed upstairs (the location for courts)

There will be a lunch break between courts. Eating establishments for those who desire them are plentiful within a short walk or drive from the site.

A banquet will be held in the early evening. Reservations are available for the first 200 persons. The price is $10.00 if the reservations are received by the autocrats by 1 November, and $12.00 if received after this date. (Banquet tickets will be mailed to those making reservations by 8 November and will be held for later reservations--call the autocrats if you wish to confirm your reservations.

The menu for the banquet is as follows:

  • First course
    • Breads with flavored butters
    • Renaissance sallat
    • Onion soup with cheese
  • Second course
    • Chicken in orange sauce
    • Sauteed mushrooms with parsley
    • Cauliflower in orange and lemon sauce
  • Third course
    • Quelquechose (lamb with herbs)
    • Gingered spinach
    • Rice pilaf
  • Dessert course
    • Diverse small and fine cakes
  • Beverages
    • Lemon water and iced tea

Work crews (servers, set up, clean up, kitchen) eat for half price. Anyone wishing to volunteer to work on any of the crews, please call Lady Alinor.

A revel will follow the banquet. The revel feel is $2.00 (free to those attending the banquet).

Thank You

Unto the Populace of Caid, Lord Morgan and Lady Alinor of Marionwood send greetings.

We hope you enjoyed your stay in the Barony of the Angels during the Coronation of Their Majesties, Avery and Larissa. As your autocrats, we would wish you to know whose labours and hard work made this event as successful as it was: Lady Deanna of Lawlor ran the banquet kitchen, and Lady Honorah de Wink, the servers. Most heartfelt gratitude must go to Baroness Rosemary, Lord Kevan, Lady Déshivé, Lord Giles, Lady Lynnette, Master Timotheus, Lady Kaarna, and Lord (Saint) Sebastian for work above and beyond the call of duty. Also, our boundless gratitude to all the kitchen help and servers. We would also like to thank Brianna, our beautiful parking attendant for pointing people in the right directions; all the lords of the Caravan, for staying to the bitter end; Lord Wilfried who help clean up the court hall during the banquet and all the rest of the set-up and clean-up helpers.

To all the above mentioned people, by name or otherwise, we could not have done it without your contributions. Know we are grateful. It is people such as you who make the dream come true for all of us. Long live Caid!


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