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Fiber Playdays are a free, hands-on, open workshop and playday for sharing ideas and skills between beginning, intermediate, and advanced Inkle Weavers, Card Weavers, Spinners, Braiders, Lacemakers,and Fiber Artists of all types.


Most Fiber Playdays are held at SCA events. The schedule of Playdays is posted and updated on the Fiber Playday website.


Our purpose is simple:

  • Spread the fiber arts addiction as far and wide as we can, that way we have more people to come play with us!
  • Help people progress beyond the beginning levels, introducing them to new concepts and techniques.
  • Do this by providing open, friendly workshops where all levels can play, mingle, and share knowledge. Beginners learning from intermediate, intermediate learning from advanced, and (believe it or not) advanced learning from everyone ... there's always another trick, technique, or pattern out there!

More Info

  • Bring your Inkle or Card Weaving loom and projects in progress, or materials to start on a new project.
  • If you don't have your own equipment, we'll have a couple of looms that folks can play with during the workshop.
  • If you have a pattern you'd like to try, but want help working or warping it, bring it along!
  • Bring projects you've completed to share with us, bring ideas and techniques that you want to share or learn.
  • New weavers are welcome ... If you've seen folks weaving and want to try it yourself, now's your chance!
  • Interested in being part of the playday, but not interested in weaving today ... then bring whatever project you want to work on and keep us company!
  • We'll all work together to weave, learn, and have fun!
  • There is no cost for the playday activities, but when we hold the playdays at SCA events there is an event site fee to defray the hosting groups's cost of renting the park.

Fiber Playday Email Group

There is a Fiber Playday Email group, for announcements of upcoming Playdays, and feedback on Playday activities and interests.


The Fiber Playdays were started in January of 2006 when held a weaving workshop at her home.

In January 2006 Mistress Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios held an Inkle weaving playday at House Zacharia Library. It was so much fun and so well received that more followed. Baroness Bridget Lucia Mackenzie brought card weaving to that first meeting, and has been a Playday cohort ever since!

In January 2007 Baroness Therese of the White Griffin, Baroness Luighseach nic Lochlainn, Senora Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia, and THL Courtney of the White Meadow joined our merry band. We expanded the Playday schedule for 2007, more Playdays, and more held at (SCA Event).

In 2008 our merry band has grown as has our scope. Our new members are: THL Morin Muir, Lady Ysoude de Rochester, THL Sean Micheal Padraig of Sheep Haven, Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, Lady Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano, and Catriona.

In 2009 we changed our name from "Weaving Playday" to the more inclusive "Fiber PlayDay," and since then, we've been expanding to include Kumihimo, Lucet, Lacemaking, Fingerloop Braiding, Spinning and more.