Who Was Your "First Crown"?

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The Celidonis Crowns

These stories were gathered on Facebook. They were in response to the following quest, "Who was the 'First Crown' you remember, and why do you remember them fondly?"


From Alessadra Madellena Dominici

The first reign of Adrian and surprisingly separate- the second reign. My first event was during that first reign - Heatherwyne Anniversary. My second was not until his second reign. I thought he was ALWAYS the king. I was young. What can I say?

From Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild

Patrick II and Adriana were on the Throne when I joined... I was so terrified of doing something wrong, that I would never walk in front of the Royal pavilion – I always walked around behind it when I got to that part of the Eric, because I figured if I curtseyed incorrectly or something, Patrick might eat me. :) (Many years later, I actually talked to him for awhile, and discovered he's really quite mild-mannered and nice.)

Timothy and Trista were the first Court I served, and I have always been grateful for that experience… Tim really knows how to welcome newcomers and make everybody feel like part of the family!

Eadwynne of Runedun

Technically, my first Crown was King Terrence and Queen Jennet of the West at the Summer Investiture Tournament 1977, but I don't really remember them. Instead I remember the investiture of Balin and Lorissa as Prince and Princess of the Principality of CAID (yes, all caps in those days). Balin of Tor looked and had the bearing of Prince Valiant from the graphic series (comic strip). Lorissa du Griffin, at only ten years old, had a grace and royal bearing well beyond her years. It was my first event, and I was hooked. I do remember a subsequent Crown King of the West, Gregory of York and Bevin Fraser of Stirling, who, as I recall received "Green Cards" when the Principality became a Kingdom since they were monarchs of the West, but lived down here. I still think of Gregory as my first "Duke" although I suppose Duke Aonghais may have to share that accolade - but they couldn't have been more different. Bevin Fraser of Stirling was simply larger than life, and I always considered her Caid's Galadriel. But my first "Crown" had to be "Armand and Diana." I was still a young man, poor and from the wilds of Dreiburgen. Armand de Sevigny was a person who I would have never had the status of meeting in the real world, and he was King - but he talked to me and everyone else like old friends. At my first war, I was one of his hand-picked troops to challenge the last stand of the fighters of the Kingdom of the West. I could not have been prouder. I never got to know Diana de Savigny back then, but I worshipped her from afar as the epitome of grace and beauty exemplified as Queen.


From Fearghus mac Lochloinn

Mine were Guillaume II and Felinah II but I never got to Court at GWW so I can't really say how they affected my game play.

From Igraine d'Abernon

Jason and Natalya were my first as well. Though the first crown event I attended was Kipp and Berengaria!


From Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

I remember several crowns from my early days, but I think of Guy and Troy in 1984 as my first crown. They were the first crown where I was aware of who they were before crown tourney, I was there to see him win crown tourney, there for their coronation, and saw many of their events. It was the first reign where I saw the whole process instead of just having new people show up wearing the royal crowns.

From Morgaine FitzStephen

Jason I and Natalya I were my first. They were so regal and looked so wonderful on the thrones...the old thrones, wearing the old crowns, which for some reason I still prefer. Guess I am a bit set in my ways. I learned most of what I needed to know about the SCA from them.

Only Court I was ever on was as Chief Lady-In-Waiting to Illaria Veltri degli Ansara and her husband Edward Ian Anderson. And that's where I learned the rest. They are very dear people and drove down from An Tir when Baron Jason and I stepped up as Baron and Baroness of Angels. Both Ilaria and Natalya helped me so much that day...such nobility and grace!

From Natalya de Foix

The first monarch I met was His Royal Highness Andrew of Riga (at an Angels Council Meeting, which was also my 1st official SCA event) and the first court I served on was as Lady in Waiting to HRM Carol of Bellatrix, who set what I regard as the ultimate example of beauty, grace, and kindness.


From Tezar of Aeolis

  • I'm not sure which Crown was my first. I do know that Balin and Amsha were king/queen and that I went to a their stepping down coronation for the first of those I attended.
  • >Natalya de Foix replied: ...that would have been Crown Tourney held on 04/19/80, I believe.
  • ...you are right. That would have been about as month after I joined

From Thorin of Bexhill

Herzog Dietrich von Vogelsang and Duchess Déshivé Luciana d'Avignon for their first reign when I first attended. The first crown I attended was Duke Guy of Castle Kirk and Duchess Darla. I was part of his personal guard during that Potrero, and I couldn't keep up with him - no one could. Blink twice, and he'd somehow be across the battle lines attacking the enemy by himself. I will always hold a special place in my heart for them both! The first (and only) court I ever had the privilege to serve on was as one of the Queens Guard for the reign of Duke Patrick Levi Darkwrath and Duchess Adriana von Vogelsang (now). It was a fabulous court to serve on and among my highlights to have been chosen from amongst so many worthy fighters of that period. I am forever grateful! STILL living the dream!

From Tyna Blackrune

Duke Pat. I went to my first party with SCA peeps and had to stay the night. My ride left me and Pat took me to breakfast and home the next morning. I did not know at the time he was king.