Adrian and Acelyn

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Adrian and Acelyn

To Adrian's right is Master Conrad von Regensburg

Sovereign: Adrian Buchanon
Consort: Acelyn Schirleah the Chaste
Caid Crown #: 7
Preceded by: Armand II and Diana II
Succeeded by: Gregory II and Arianyn II

Their Majesties, Adrian and Acelyn, seventh King and Queen of Caid, reigned 05/30/1981-11/21/1981.


I counted Adrian Buchanon as a good friend. He was literally brilliant although he tended to hide it by being intentionally goofy. He was very proud of his beginnings and friendships in the Shire of Heatherwyne before relocating to Dreiburgen at the "incipient Canton of 616 1/2." There, prior to and after being knighted, his home became the Dreiburgen locus for all things fighting and many other activities. We in his adopted Barony could not have been prouder than when he became knighted and then crowned King. Kings, typically, are fighters. So many kings are far more comfortable on the field than in court so choose their queens to be the best representatives of the Crown at court events. Adrian was not a shy man, nor was he uncomfortable at court. But even if he had been, he could not have chosen a better queen of grace and beauty to represent the Crown than Ascelyn Shirleah. I have always known Ascelyn Shirleah to be humble and polite and thoughtfully quiet. So when she did choose to speak, one knew that what she said was important. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun


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