Ascelyn Schirleah

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Heatherwyne Anniversary, July 1979
Resides: Gallavally
Status: Semi-Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Vert, bezanty, a stag courant Argent within a bordure wavy

Countess Ascelyn Schirleah, formerly Acelyn Shirleah the Chaste

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Description
AscelinSchirleah7.JPG Queens Guard scroll done for Ealasaid nic Chlurain


Image Preview Award Recipient
AscelinSchirleah10.JPG Award of Arms Alina of Breldwyn
AscelinSchirleah8.JPG Award of Arms Avery of Kempsford
AscelinSchirleah6.JPG Award of Arms Eichling von Amrum
Jayme O'Darcy aoa.jpg Award of Arms Jayme O'Darcy of Glen Laurie
AscelinSchirleah1.JPG Award of Arms Pietro Antuono di Napoli
AscelinSchirleah3.JPG Award of Arms Yaroslav the Persistent
AscelinSchirleah4.JPG Dolphin Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont
AscelinSchirleah2.JPG Grant of Arms Rowena de Segovia
AscelinSchirleah9.JPG Harp Argent Ambros Celidonis
AscelinSchirleah5.JPG Knight Adrian Buchanon