Virtual Summer Arts & Collegium of the Desert 2020

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Caption Needed
Location: Virtual
Date: 7/25/2020

Event Staff

Event Staff: Baroness Tyne MacPhersone, Dame Fionnghuala de Buchanan, THL Hallr brjost Starsson, THL Agnes Wurtman, THL Megan de Barri, Mistress Aldgytha of Ashwood, THL Jerusha a'Laon, Lady Kathryn de Bezier.


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From the Crown Prints

From the Dreiburgen News

From Event Facebook Page

Their Excellencies of Dreiburgen and Starkhafn invite you to join us for Virtual Summer Arts and Collegium of the Desert on July 25th, 2020.

Please join us for a fun day of comradery celebrating arts and sciences. Whether it is teaching a class, entering the AS competition, taking classes, participating in activities, or just hanging out with us.

If you would like to teach, we welcome your class proposals. There will also be a largess derby, and virtual youth activities will take place throughout the day. The categories for the Dreiburgen A&S competition are: woodworking, painting, jewelry, or wildcard (up to you), with prizes for the highest scoring entry in each category. You may enter as many of those categories as you like with your highest score in each category combined to determine our Baronial A&S Champion. Participants should submit a picture of their entry along with a basic description including: what it is, where it would be found, materials used, and source of inspiration. Further documentation is encouraged, though not required. The deadline for class proposals and entry submission is July 18th, 2020.

We look forward to seeing and spending a fun day full of arts and sciences with you!


  • 9:30AM Zoom opens, event announcements
  • 10:00am-1:00PM Classes, judging, and activities
  • 1:00PM Court
  • 3:00-5:00PM Classes, and activities
  • 6:00PM Announcements and closing comments
  • 7:00PM Zoom closes


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