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Caidan Events in 2021

Please note that event dates and regulations are subject to change. Please confirm the event is occurring and whether registration is needed, along with any other specifics, before traveling to attend an event.

Date Event Location / Host Group
01/09/2021 Caid Online Court Recording Virtual
02/20/2021 Gyldenholt Unbelted Armor Tournament (Virtual) Gyldenholt
02/27/2021 Nordwache Chivalry (Virtual) Nordwache
03/27/2021 Caid Online Court Recording Virtual
04/2-4/2021 Virtual West Coast Culinary Symposium Virtual
4/24/2021 Nordwache All Things (Virtual) Nordwache
05/1-2/2021 Technical Symposium for the Digital SCA (Virtual) Dreiburgen
05/08/2021 Commedia dell'Altavia (Virtual) Altavia
05/16/2021 Darach Virtual Anniversary (Zoom Event) Darach
05/28-30/2021 Potrero War 2021 (Virtual) Calafia
06/19/2021 Carreg Wen Anniversary Carreg Wen
06/26/2021 Lyondemere-Gyldenholt Virtual Anniversary Lyondemere & Gyldenholt
07/10/2021 Summer Coronation 2021 Wintermist
07/11/2021 Privy Council Wintermist
07/17/2021 Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2021 (Virtual) Dreiburgen
07/24/2021 Queen's Champion Tournament (Martial) Summer 2021 Gyldenholt
08/07/2021 Calafia's Greatest Warrior Calafia
08/21/2021 Summer Festival of the Rose 2021 Naevehjem
08/28/2021 Pirate Tournament Nordwache
09/04/2021 Highland Not-Quite-a-War 2021 al-Sahid
09/05/2021 At Plague's End Western Seas
09/11/2021 Caid Rapier Open Darach
09/18/2021 Angels Anniversary (Virtual) Angels
09/25/2021 Crown Tourney Dun Or
10/02/2021 Harvest Arts Carreg Wen
10/06-11/2021 Great Western War 2021 (includes QC Equestrian) Wintermist
10/06-11/2021 The Holey Grail, 2021 Dreiburgen at GWW
10/16/2021 Nordwache Anniversary Nordwache
10/16/2021 Western Seas Baronial Tournament Western Seas
10/23/2021 Caid Archery Open TBD
10/24/2021 Agincourt Tournament and Feast Altavia
10/30/2021 Dreiburgen Anniversary 2021 Dreiburgen
11/06/2021 Calafia Anniversary Calafia
11/13/2021 Naevehjem Anniversary Naevehjem
11/14/2021 Naevehjem Archery Champion Naevehjem
11/14/2021 Calafia Equestrian Champion Calafia
11/20/2021 Isles Anniversary Isles
12/04/2021 Calafia Winter Arts Calafia
12/04/2021 Lyondemere/Gyldenholt Yule Lyondemere
12/11/2021 Angels/Altavia Yule TBD
12/11/2021 Wintermist Yule Wintermist
12/18/2021 Dreiburgen Yule 2021 Dreiburgen
12/18/2021 Nordwache Yule Nordwache
12/18/2021 Starkhafn Yule Starkhafn

Known World & Inter-kingdom Events in 2021

SCA Events Page

Date Event Location / Hosting Kingdom
06/18-20/2021 Known World Theater Arts Symposium Atlantia
06/25-27/2021 Known World Sciences Symposium Artemisia
07/01-04/2021 Known World Dance & Music Symposium Middle
07/09-11/2021 Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium West
09/10-12/2021 Known World Cooks and Bards Middle
10/01-03/2021 Known World Pan Asian Schola Æthelmearc

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