Dreiburgen Anniversary 2021

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Ramvoldus and Kungund, and Logan and Tyne
Location: Rancho Jurupa Park
Date: October 30, 2021

Dreiburgen Anniversary 2021


Event Staff


Baronial Champions

From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Dreiburgen invites you to join us on October 30, 2021 as we celebrate our 47th Anniversary. Halloween costumes are encouraged, and we will be celebrating the fantastic tenure of Baron Logan and Baroness Tyna, as well as the investiture of their heirs, Ramvoldus and Kungund. There will be heavy weapons, rapier, and youth combat tournaments for the honor of serving as Baronial champion for the coming year. Our culinary guild will be hosting a donation lunch, and there will be two Arts and Sciences populace choice competitions. The Hare Competition is open to everyone to submit your first attempt at a craft completed within the last three months. The Tortoise Competition is open to previous Hare entrants with your best work in the same discipline as the previous year. Additional activity details will be announced in the Facebook event and on https://dreiburgen.sca-caid.org. Date: Saturday, October 30 Time: 8:00am– 6:00pm Schedule: 8:00am: site opens 9:00am: Lists open (close 15 minutes after court ends) 10:00am Opening court 5:00pm: Closing court

Adult Event Registration: $15, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10, Youth aged 17 and under are guests of the Barony. Payment using cash and checks only will be accepted on site. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc/Barony of Dreiburgen. There are no refunds. Site: Rancho Jurupa Park, 4800 Crestmore Rd, Riverside, CA 92509


  • Dreiburgen Anniversary and our Investiture as Baron and Baroness was just so perfect! I felt like I floated through the day. For a huge event to go so smoothly, we know that A LOT of work was happening before and during, and we're so grateful to all the busy joyful hands that contributed!

Her Royal Majesty Katherine of Hornechurch, and Her Royal Highness Drada de Variis, your grace, warmth, and ready laughter make even the most shy individuals feel welcome and included. It is an honor and delight to sit at your side as you guide the kingdom.

To Baron Logan and Baroness Tyna - our forever B&B's, thank you for inspiring, for taking the lead, and making this game fun while working so hard. If it wasn't for your open arms embracing and uplifting our entire family, we truly would not be where we are today. Mother, Father, we wanna be just like you! To our Chief Lady, Baroness Megan de Barri, the best chaos-wrangler this side of the Knowne World! Thank you for all the hours, and hours, and HOURS of physical and mental work that you put in to making this day spectacular. You are a friend, a guide, a team player, and a fine seamstress (shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone!). To our Blue Mountain Herald, Lord Anerain ap Logan, what an outstanding job you did this day as our voice! Thank you for your words and for leading our procession. Thank you to the following gentles for being in our procession, representing the history and the flourishing arts , sciences and martial activities in the barony :

We received so many "oohhhs" and "ahhhs" and gasps of wonder over our outfits! Abundant gratitude to Dylyedog Mary for crafting Ramvoldus Kröll's garb for the day. It is exquisite and expertly tailored! To Baroness Megan for painstakingly creating Kungund's sideless surcoat. It is radiant! Thank you Lady Apel (Elisa) for your delicate and excellent hand finishing of Kundgund's veils. And Lady Michelle filia Osgari, thank you for the hours spent helping Kungund create a pattern and learn to sew inset sleeves so she could make her own under-dress! To the event stewards: Kenari Erin A- Aldgytha of Ashwood, Mistress Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter, and Lady Yngvildr in írska!! This event was fun, at a beautiful location, with delicious food! Thank you for ALL of the weeks of planning. Your efforts showed this day and made your barony shine!

To our Baronial cousins! Thank you for your overwhelming generosity and thoughtfulness! The gifts and largesse we received filled our hearts, our vehicles, and now our home with such bounty! Please extend our gratitude to your respective populace for their skill and generosity!

To the outgoing Court and Guard of TE Logan and Tyna, and to our newly installed Court and Guard, thank you for working together so efficiently in set up and tear down. Working beside you has always been fulfilling, and we are so grateful to continue!

To our Captain of the Guard Sancha Castellanos, and Court Ladies who attended us at the event, THL Juanica Montanes, Lady Charlotte Aedelwulf, Lady Apel von Mülln, Lady Yngvildr, and Lady Alisoun de Clairvaux - Your attentiveness and care was astonishing. Thank you for anticipating and meeting needs before we could even express them. We are humbled by your care, and could not have done this without you!

To Ali Arriola and Jennifer Gentry Darconte for caring for our youngest child so we could focus on this day, your support was crucial! Thank you! Likewise, Lady Kynan MacPhersone and Lord Baka Valdemar Dhurakov, thank you for keeping a watchful eye on our eldest so that he could participate in the day AND play. Kynan and Baka, you're always there for us, thank you! THL Agnes Wurtman, thank you for running the Tortoise and Hare. This is one of our favorite arts competitions. Thank you to all the artisans who participated, it was lovely to see and celebrate your work!

To all the Armored and Rapier combatants who fought this day for the Dreiburgen Championship, your skill and chivalry on the field was extraordinary. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with so many of you. To our Champions! Duke Sven Örfhendur - Your Grace, we are so pleased to have you as our champion, for you inspire, you teach, and you exemplify what it is to be a true Knight of Caid. To our Rapier Champion Nafar Sämé, to watch you fight is a learning experience, if my eyes can keep up with your flashing blades! We are honored to have you as our Rapier Champion.

Thank you Marshals for the day, Sir Killian MacTaggart, Dame Teka Turmanov, Sir Thurstan de Barri, THLord Sigbiorn Sigmundarson (thank you for sharing your birthday with us!!), Master Rhydderch Derwen, Baron Niko Phaistos, thank you for your time and support.

To the populace of Dreiburgen, thank you for your support and your enthusiasm. A fire that is fed does not burn out, and your enthusiasm and dedication feeds the fires of Dreiburgen! It is our honor to serve as your Baron and Baroness. Together we learn, we plant, and we believe. So many people brought their best and helped out to make this day amazing. If we did not mention you here, please know that your efforts are not overlooked. We are so grateful for YOU!

In Service to the Dream, Ramvoldus, Baron of Dreiburgen, Kungund, Baroness of Dreiburgen


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