Ramvoldus and Kungund

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Ramvoldus Kröll and Kungund Benehonig 071022.jpg
Their Excellencies Ramvoldus and Kungund
Baron: Ramvoldus Kröll
Baroness: Kungund Benehonig
Baronage of: Dreiburgen
Preceded by: Logan and Tyne
Succeeded by: ?
Didicimus Serimus Credemus Coin 600px.jpg

Ramvoldus and Kungund are the 11th Baronage of Dreiburgen. They were invested Baron and Baroness at Dreiburgen Anniversary 2021, 10/30/2021.

For those of you who could not make it out to Anniversary, I created these commemorative coins especially for the occasion. I do not believe that my first address to the assembled populace was recorded, so I am posting those words here. Each one of you will receive at least one coin from our hands. These Coins all bear three words that elegantly summarize our vision for the next chapter of this story.
Didicimus, Serimus, Credemus.
We have learned, we plant, we will believe.
We have learned and will continue to learn from our past. What worked and what did not. What important traditions have we lost, and which fires need to be rekindled. We plant the seeds that will become trees and bear the fruit for the next generations. We will hear your ideas and weave them into the fabric of tomorrow. We believe in each and every one of you. We believe in your passions, your abilities, your prowess. We believe that we can work together to make Dreiburgen a place you want to be. Let’s make this YOUR game, Let’s make Dreiburgen YOUR home. Ramvoldus Kröll