Apel von Mülln

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Apel von Mülln
Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Apel device.jpg
Sable, three ermine spots one and two Or and a point pointed Argent

Apel von Mülln, formerly Apel von Falkenau, joined the SCA in 2016, beginning as a newcomer in Gyldenholt. She now resides in Dreiburgen. Her artistic focus is 14th through 16th century costuming but she is also interested in Early and Late Period clothing and reconstruction, woodworking, period cooking, brewing, scribal, and more.


Offices, Positions, & Service


Royal Court Service

  • Lady-in-Waiting and Assistant Royal Clothier to Their Royal Majesties Agrippa III and Dawid, King and King Consort of Caid (2018)
  • Lady-in-Waiting and Assistant Royal Clothier to Their Royal Majesties Adam and Stæina, King and Queen of Caid (2019)

Baronial Service

Other Service

  • See "Clothing for Others" Below
  • Was commissioned by Mistress Caterucia Bice da Ghiacceto to sew a blue velvet and silver trimmed rapier cloak for the Defender of the Arts rapier champion for the 2018 Crescent Artisan competition. This cloak was presented to Their Majesties Pansa and Katherine at their coronation in 2021 to be used as regalia for future Defender of the Arts title holders.
  • Prepared several period desserts for The Right Noble Upper Crust Guild luncheon fundraiser at Gyldenholt Anniversary, 2019. The object of the fundraiser was to raise enough to bring Hanna Tunberg, co-author of "An Early Meal- A Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey," to be the guest speaker at the 2020 West Coast Culinary Symposium.
  • Volunteered at the 2019 Irvine Girl Scout Day Camp "Rocking the Renaissance" event, where she taught Viking whipcord braiding.

Event Staff

Awards & Honors

  • Award of Arms, February 2019
  • Order of the Harp Argent (costuming), June 2020
  • Order of the Towers of Dreiburgen, July 2021


Classes Taught

  • "14th Century Self-stuffing Buttons," Great Western War XXI 2018
  • "Intro to Fretwork Veils," Great Western War XXI 2019


Projects & Publications

Clothing for Me

Clothing for Others

Slashed wool and silk Landsknecht hat.

Period Cooking and Brewing