Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2022

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Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2022
Location: Riverside Eagles #997
Date: 7/30/2022

Event Staff

Event Stewards: Apel von Mulin and Rekon of Saaremaa


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Dreiburgen welcomes you for a day to celebrate the arts. There will be a competition to determine the Arts and Sciences Champion of Dreiburgen, arts displays, and arts classes throughout the day. Schedule:

  • 9:00 Site opens
  • 10:00 Opening Court (at Their Excellencies pleasure)
  • 4:00 Closing Court (at Their Excellencies pleasure
  • 5:20 Site Closes

Site Restrictions: The site has a bar where you will be able to buy water, soda, and beer. Because of this, no outside drinks other than juice boxes or milk/formula for children are allowed to be brought in. The barony will be providing each person with three tickets that can be used to buy water (and only water) at the bar. Lunch will also be available for purchase at the lodge-run snack bar for those who do not wish to bring their own; their menu is to be determined and is subject to change, as this is run entirely by the Eagle members, completely separate from the SCA and our event.

Registration Information: Adult Event Registration: $15. Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10. Cash and checks made payable to the Barony of Dreiburgen will be accepted at gate. Competition Information: Riddle me this! The Dreiburgen Summer Arts competition regularly consists of four distinct categories chosen by Their Excellencies. This year, Baron Ramvoldus presents you with very period twist! Four riddles will take the place of the 4 distinct categories, and your arts entries will provide unique answers to each!

You might read one riddle and think “I can present a woven art as an answer to this riddle.” while another person might answer with a bardic entry. Both can be appropriate answers!

  • Riddle #1: "I can inflict pain or take it away. I can inspire joy or sorrow. I am here today but gone tomorrow.”
  • Riddle #2: “Thin and fragile and quite the chore, but in the right hands, I become so much more.”
  • Riddle #3: “I am of the rocks, dirt, and the occasional leaf, while a different color always lies beneath.”
  • Riddle #4: “Whatever your form, let it ring true. The only one who can answer to this one is you.”

You may submit an arts entry for as many of the riddles as you like. To enter the Baronial Arts Championship you must submit an arts entry to at least 3 of the 4 riddles. Entries must have been created within the last year. Documentation is appreciated and may give your entry an impressive edge, but it is not required. There will be 6 winners, each receiving a beautiful, unique prize. Each riddle will have a winner. (4) The Baronial Arts champion will be chosen from those individuals who answer at least 3 of the 4 riddles with their arts entries. (1) Populace Choice. (1)

If you would like to compete in the competition, or simply display your latest art, please complete the following form to reserve space: (redacted) Reserving space has a soft deadline of Saturday, July 23rd, but do not fear! There will be some space reserved for day-of entries and displays as well, but knowing ahead will help us prepare. Classes: If you would like to share your wonderful skills with our fair populace by teaching a class, please submit a proposal using the following form by Saturday, July 16th: (redacted)


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