Tyne MacPhersone

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Tyne MacPhersone
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per chevron azure and purpure, a chevron sable fimbriated between a crescent and a serpent vorant of its tail argent.
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On 10/31/2016, Logan Black Rune and Tyne MacPhersone became Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen.


  • Also known as Tyna Caulien MacFeirson, Tyne MacPhersone and Tyna Blackrune

I am Tyne MacPhersone, daughter of a wealthy merchant from Haddington in Scotland. I was born in 1534 and lived on the River Tyne, from which I was named. My mother died in childbirth so my father raised me as boy so I could travel with him on the seas.

My father died when I was fourteen of the plague during the English Siege of 1548. The same year we saw our Queen Mary sent off to France to an arranged marriage with the Dauphin of France. Since the crew of the Demon Wind already new me as a boy I joined their crew as an able bodied seaman. I loved the sea and being out on the sea was better than being in the middle of a religious war.

I sailed with the crew for four years. In my travels I meet a young man going to the universities at St. Andrews. Lord Logan Black Rune the Nefarious is what they called him. Although he was a bastard son of a noble French man from Avignon, he spent his spare time as a passenger because he loved the sea. We spoke of having our own ship to sail and going to foreign lands in search of indigo and cinnamon. I realized that I had fallen in love. But I could not throw away my disguise else I would be kicked off the ship, or worse.

In the year 1552, the Demon Wind pulled into port at Aberlady and never sailed again. Several members from the crew were restless and looking to sail again. I spoke with Logan and he was able to get financial backing from his father to purchase a boat. The Goode Ship Indigo Rose began her journey. We sailed to the orient to purchase indigo and bring it back to the weavers in Haddington. This dye was in demand but the Portuguese took advantage in price. We were successful at avoiding the Portuguese at sea and bringing indigo and spices to our land. We received a Letter of Marque and we were legal and wealthy.

I moved my way up to Pilot of the Indigo Rose. I had a good memory of the land, seas, and stars. It was at this time I decided to reveal my true self to the crew and to Logan. I could no longer deny my love for him. I decided to do this at sea, for if the news was ill received the sea would be my deathbed. The crew avoided me for weeks. But they needed my skills to continue to sail so my life was spared. After the weeks went by the crew began to speak with me again. Logan and I started our talks of dreams and future adventures but his time it was different. Slowly our love kindled.

Years have gone by and our ship’s crew has fared well in the trade. We have become a family. Logan and I have wed and started our own family. He is now Captain of the Indigo Rose and we continue to sail the seas. Onboard the ship our favorite pastime time is brewing and singing.


Lady Tyne MacPhersone joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in 1990. At the time she was located in the Canton of Canyons (Barony of the Angels). She moved to the Barony of Dreiburgen in 2008. She co-founded the Goode Ship Indigo Rose in 1994. Indigo Rose often had as many as 50 members camping with together. Indigo Rose encourages volunteering and helping out with our baronies. Indigo Rose still has an active membership that camps with the Blackrune Free Company and the Bjoys of Blackrune. Many of our members are second generation SCAdians as well as offspring from Indigo Rose members. Indigo Rose continues to inspire and encourage our young members to be active in volunteering.

  • 1990: Joined the SCA as a crew member of the Demon Wynde in the Canton of the Canyons (Barony of the Angels)
  • 1994: Co-founded the Goode Ship Indigo Rose with the rank of Third Mate
  • 1998: Became a heavy weapons fighter; started volunteering at events for the Barony of Angels and Canton of the Canyons
  • 1998-2001: Did trash duty with household Indigo Rose for GWW. We did the Mardi Gras trash truck with beads for people who brought us trash and beverages.
  • Duke Edric Aaron Hartwood gave my Indigo Rose a Letter of Marque
  • Promoted to Pilot of the Indigo Rose
  • 2003: Indigo Rose was awarded the Baronial Recognition of Excellence
  • Joined the Brewers Guild
  • Helped set up Arts and Science for GWW
  • Volunteered for constable, gate, and shuttle at GWW

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