Dreiburgen Anniversary 2018

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2018 Dreiburgen Anniversary08crop.jpg
Court of Logan and Tyne
Location: Dreiburgen
Date: 10/27/2018

Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 8 AM – 5 PM


Event Staff


From Facebook Announcement

  • The Barony of Dreibrugen is "throwing it back" for their anniversary in honor of Caid’s 40th birthday! We will be defending our towers against the ancient beast Gorgonoth at 9600 International Park Road, Cherry Valley, CA 92223, known to the frightened local cherry farmers as Bogart Regional Park. These battlegrounds will be available between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Please join us in wearing the oldest garb that you can so we can be recognized by the foul ancient beast! Also, don’t miss the return of our historical display from Caid’s 40th anniversary celebration and demonstrations from our baronial guilds.
  • The day's fighting will include a heavy’s championship tournament for the honor of facing Gorgonoth, a rapier tournament for champion and the baronial regalia, and youth combat to encourage our next generation of warriors.
  • Registration information: There is a $10 vehicle fee to enter. This is a free event so please come help us show Gorgonoth that the people and allies of Dreiburgen are still strong, skilled, and unafraid after all this time!
  • There will be two A&S competitions in a people’s choice style. The first, in honor of our throw-back theme, will be an example/demonstration of your first attempt at a craft you are currently practicing. The second will be round 1 of a new Tortoise Challenge competition, where this year people are encouraged to submit their attempts at a craft they are just starting, asking for feedback. Those who participate this year will be eligible to participate in round 2 next year, where they will be judged on their improvement of the same craft.
  • Lunch: There will be a donation lunch to help the populace keep their strength (suggested donation $5).
  • Schedule: 8:00am: Gate opens. 9:00am: Lists open. 10:00/their Majesties’ pleasure: Opening court. 15 minutes after court: Lists close. 4:00pm: Closing court.
  • Directions: The site is located just north of Beaumont. From I-10 go north on Beaumont Ave. Turn right on Oak Valley Parkway. Turn left on Cherry Avenue. Cherry Avenue will make a slight right, becoming International Park Rd. Continue on through the gate to Bogart Park. From there follow the road up and around to the right and then make a left towards a large parking lot (follow our signs).



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