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Caid was the first Kingdom in the SCA to host a Make-A-Wish Tournaments for children with life-threatening medical conditions. It had been hoped that this would become an annual event, but due to various things, including changes in the Make-A-Wish organization's management, only four events were held.

Date Name Honor More Information
01/27/1990 Ramon Gonzales Jr. Make-A-Wish Prince for a day Angels Melee Tourney 1990
05/11/1991 Lyndsie Johnson Make-A-Wish Princess for a day Altavia Anniversary 1991 & Make-A-Wish Tourney
07/25/1992 José Salazar Make-A-Wish Prince for a day Make-A-Wish Tournament 1992
07/19/1997 Make-A-Wish Knight for a day Make-A-Wish Tournament 1997, Angels


In April 1990, Caid registered "Per fess embattled azure and argent, two mullets of four points and a comet fesswise, head to sinister, counterchanged" for use by the Make-A-Wish Child.

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