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Territories or Branches are Geo-political units of the SCA, the largest of which are the Kingdoms which are further divided into areas such as Principalities, Baronies, Shires and Cantons.


A Kingdom is a political subdivision in which the ceremonial heads are typically the King and Queen. Caid is the first Kingdom to have been ruled by two Kings rather than a King and Queen. In the early days of the SCA, "The King's word is law" was the primary rule; however, in acknowledgment of the work done by both monarchs, the King and Queen are referred to collectively as "The Crown" and their word carries equal weight. At Crown Tournament, which is held twice a year in Caid, the winner of the Lists and his/her consort becomes Crown Prince and Crown Princess, and at Coronation, they are invested as King and Queen.


A Barony is a political subdivision in which the ceremonial heads are a Baron and/or Baroness. The Baron and Baroness are installed by the Crown after following Kingdom Law for selection. Additionally, Caid has one Palatine Barony, Western Seas, where the Baron and Baroness are selected alternately by a traditional armored combat Lists and an Arts & Sciences competition.

  • Angels: (Los Angeles County) Founded 09/06/1970. The "A" in Caid
  • Calafia: (San Diego and Imperial Counties) Founded 02/17/1972. The "C" in Caid
  • Dreiburgen: (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.) Founded 01/08/1974. The "D" in Caid
  • Lyondemere: (West Los Angeles and coastal area including Long Beach, CA) Founded 07/22/1978
  • Gyldenholt: (Orange County, CA including Disneyland) Founded 01/12/1980
  • Western Seas: (Hawai'i) Founded on 02/14/1978 as a barony of the West; joined Caid on 08/30/1980
  • Starkhafn: (Southern Nevada (Clark County), including Las Vegas) Became a Caidan barony in October 1982; previously part of the Kingdom of the West.
  • Altavia: (Western and central San Fernando Valley) Founded 05/14/1983
  • Nordwache: (Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare Counties, CA) Originally founded as the Province of the Setting Sun in the Kingdom of the West in January 1972, it became the SCA’s first official shire (Rieslingshire) on July 10, 1973 and a Caidan barony in early 1984. The name means “North Guard” in German, in token of its location as Caid’s northernmost area.
  • Naevehjem: (Inyo and northeast Kern Counties, CA) Founded 11/16/1991
  • Dun Or: (Lancaster and Palmdale, CA) Founded 05/17/1992
  • Wintermist: (Western Kern County, CA) Founded 10/10/2015; originally a shire.


A Shire is a political subdivision similar to a Barony but without a Baron and/or Baroness.

  • Isles: (Santa Barbara County, CA) Founded 01/18/1972, originally as a Barony. The "I" in Caid
  • Darach: (Ventura County, CA) Founded 02/28/1975. It has always been a shire.
  • Carreg Wen: (Lompoc, CA and Vandenburg AFB) Founded in July 1984
  • Al-Sahid: (Barstow/Victorville, Wrightwood and Big Bear, CA) Founded around mid-11/1991


A Canton is a political subdivision of a Barony.

Barony of Dreiburgen

  • Mons Draconis: (Greater Riverside County, CA) Founded June 1997
  • Gallavally: (Hemet and San Jacinto; Banning/Beaumont; Temecula, Menifee, and Murrietta; Wildomar and Lake Elsinore, CA) Founded 05/21/1989
  • Steinsee: (Yucca Valley/29 Palms/Joshua Valley, CA) An incipient Canton for many years, it became a Stronghold in 2004

Barony of Calafia

  • Summergate: (Northern San Diego County, including Camp Pendleton and UC San Marcos) Founded in Fall 1982
  • Poll na Gainmhe: (Imperial County, CA) Founded in 1992

Barony of Western Seas

  • Bard's Keep: (Central and Leeward O’ahu, HI) Founded in 1982
  • Castle North: (Windward O’ahu, HI) Founded prior to 1986
  • Peridot Isle: (Island of Kaua’i, HI) Founded in 1993
  • Torvald: (Southeastern O’ahu including Honolulu, HI) Founded prior to 1986
  • Valley Azure: (Mau'i County including the islands of Mau'i, Lana'i, Moloka'i and Kaho'olawe, HI) Founded prior to May 1986


A geopolitical subdivision of less than Baronial or Shire status, which has as its geographic center a college campus, military installation or similar institution whose residents live there for a defined time (considered to be a "transient" population). It may call itself a College, Stronghold, Port or equivalent designation, as approved by the College of Heralds. Active colleges in Caid include:

Barony of Calafia

Barony of Dreiburgen

  • Steinsee: (Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, CA) Founded as a canton in Fall 1988, it became a Stronghold in 2004.

Barony of Gyldenholt

Barony of Lyondemere

  • Noe: (California State University at Long Beach) Founded in 2002

Barony of Wintermist

  • Tour d'Yvoire: (California State University at Bakersfield) Founded in 1992

More Information

Political Subdivisions of Caid Defined

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Caidan Baronies: Altavia, Angels, Calafia, Dreiburgen, Dun Or, Gyldenholt, Lyondemere, Naevehjem, Nordwache, Starkhafn, Western Seas, Wintermist
Caidan Shires: Al-Sahid, Carreg Wen, Darach, Isles
Caidan Cantons: Bard's Keep, Canyons, Castle North, Cragdon, Gallavally, Mons Draconis, Peridot Isle, Poll na Gainmhe, Steinsee, Summergate, Tanwayour, Torvald, Valley Azure
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