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Knights assembled at Augustine's knighting Great Western War 2007

"The Chivalry" is a collective term referring to all knights and masters at arms -- that is, members of the Order of the Chivalry, a Society-wide peerage order. As it is an accolade recognized throughout the Society, any knights who move into Caid are welcomed as equal members of the Order of Chivalry in Caid.

This article attempts to list the Knights and Masters at Arms who have been knighted within the Kingdom or Principality of Caid, as well as "imported" Caidan knights.


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Kingdom of Caid Chivalry

Those who were knighted in Caid

Kingdom of the West, Principality of Caid Chivalry

Those who were knighted in the West, but lived in the Principality of Caid

Imported Chivalry

Those who were knighted in other Kingdoms but have lived and participated in our fair Kingdom. Also includes knights of the West prior to creation of the Principality of Caid.



Chivalry Liaison

Chivalry Webright


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