Dante Lizza da Benevento

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Sir Dante Lizza da Benevento

Resides: Lyondemere & Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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AR, a cross SA between in chief 2 compass stars and surmounted by a demi-sun issuant from base gules

Sir Dante Lizza da Benevento. He fights for Lady Johanna von Nürnberg.

He was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on October 25, 1997 by Joseph and Caroline, King and Queen of Caid.


Sir Dante Lizza da Benevento is a 15th Century Knight of Italy hailing from the town of San Giovanni in Benevento, outside of Naples. When his father died, the Catholic Church refused to allow a Church burial because of a disagreement over tithes, though they had more colorful ways of describing his alleged crimes. Dante took his claims all the way to the Pope only to be excommunicated for his temerity. Facing a loss of lands and wealth, as well as possible execution, Sir Dante rebelled from the Church.

At about this time a mercenary group from Germany marched through the land wreaking destruction wherever they struck in the name and pay of another Italian noble accused of the same crimes as his father. When the mercenary band, the Sons of the Lorelei, approached Dantes gates and demanded surrender, he instead offered them his full hospitality and even offered up his sword to their leaders, Ritters Jakob, Basil, and Brut. From that time forward, the Germans have accepted him as their peer and one of the warband’s leaders.

They marched through Benevento, Naples, and the outskirts of Rome before the Pope finally offered to withdraw all accusations against the noble, Sir Dante, and his father. The accepted the terms and left Rome in peace. However, Dante’s faith in the Church was forever tainted, and he has decided to cast his lot with the Sons of the Lorelei forevermore.

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