Crescent and Flame

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Azure, in pale a flame Or issuant from a crescent, a bordure argent.
Award Information
Type: Non-armigerous
Founded: 11/8/2008 by Edward and Mora
Premiere(s): Aurora Caidis: Kyra Turmanov, Crescent and Flame: Petronilla de Chastelerault
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Awarded to youths for outstanding endeavors in the arts & sciences.


  • Bestows no titles or precedence.


  • Azure, in pale a flame Or issuant from a crescent, a bordure argent.
  • Medallion strung on an Award Cord.


Originally, the name of this order was "Order of the Golden Flame." It was under this name that Edward and Mora made Kyra Turmanov the premier of the order. Upon submission, it was found that that name was in conflict, and so could not be registered.

The kingdom later submitted "Order of the Aurora Caidis" (registered as "Order of Aurora Caidis", 06/09). While in submission, Cassandra of Yggdrasil House was admitted to the order under that name. This short-lived name also had a badge associated with it, "Azure, three piles wavy in point", which was withdrawn from submission by the Kingdom. The order has since closed.

Then, the "Order of the Crescent and Flame" was submitted (registered 02/10, with comment from Laurel "Nice order name!"), with an associated badge, "Azure, a flame Or issuant from a crescent within a bordure embattled argent". At first, the badge was returned by Laurel for conflict; permission to conflict was acquired, and the badge was subsequently registered.

In September 2009, Petronilla de Chastelerault was the first granted the Crescent and Flame.

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