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White scarf worn on the left arm or shoulder
Award Information
Type: Grant & Polling Order
Founded: 11/2/1996 by Edric and Albra
Premiere(s): Kelan McBride of Arainn
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

The Order of the White Scarf of Caid was awarded for outstanding ability in SCA-style rapier combat in accordance with the Treaty of the White Scarf.

The White Scarf was initially an award in the principality of Ansteorra, to recognize excellence on the rapier field. When Ansteorra became a kingdom in AS XIV, the award was released by the parent kingdom of Atenveldt to Ansteorra. In AS XXI (1987) the Kingdom of the Outlands asked if they could use the name "White Scarf" for their rapier award as well. After some discussion between the Crown and the White Scarves, it was agreed that they could, and the Heralds of the respective kingdoms drew up the original Treaty.[1]

In 1996, Caid "signed on to the White Scarf treaty", requesting permission to register the name within these borders. The Order was opened by Edric and Albra, when they elevated Don Kelan McBride of Arainn to the order at Coronation in Lyondemere, 11/2/1996.

Originally, the Order of the White Scarf of Caid was awarded at the Crown's discretion, though by tradition, an elevation was never performed without first consulting the other companions of the Order. The Order formally became a poling order ca. 2005.

At King's Hunt 2015, King Mansur announced the closure of the Order in Caid following the elevation of Don Diego Antonio de Palma. The Order of the White Scarf in Caid was formally closed in The Boke of Caidan Law, 17th Edition, May 2015.


  • Bestows the style of "honorable lord/lady", and may be addressed as "Your Lordship / Ladyship".
  • Don/Dona is the title most frequently used by the Companions of this Order.
  • Alternate Titles are available for substitution.


  • White scarf worn on the left arm or shoulder.
  • White Scarves may display their achievement with black or steel gray helm, with mantling and crest above their arms and also "a white banderolle tied around the helm, replacing the torse" (from Scribe's Handbook)

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