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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Dun Or
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence

Kolfinna kottr Device.gif
Device: Azure, on a pale sable fimbriated and endorsed three crescents argent
Kolfinna Valkyrie Badge.png
Preferred Badge: Gules, two maidens statant respectant argent, the dexter maintaining a bowl of apples and the sinister maintaining a drinking horn. (The gules is a very orange red, and those maidens look surprisingly like Valkyries)
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Duchess Kolfinna kottr, KSCA, OP, joined the SCA in 1998. She formerly went under the name of Ciana Masina della Luna.

She lived in the Barony of Dun Or in the Kingdom of Caid. She was the head of Hús Marbæli, and a member of the Early Period Alliance, Hús Beytill, and House Fallen Oaks. Kolfinna was a Knight of Caid who greatly enjoyed tournament fighting. In her spare time she held various offices and tried her best to learn all things Viking. She fought for and was fought for by her love, Duke Sven Örfhendur. In Crown Tournament, she fought for the honor of Baron Laertes McBride.

She was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on 2/19/2005 by Direk IV and Chamayn, King and Queen of Caid. She was elevated to Countess on 11/11/2006 by Edric IV and Faizah, King and Queen of Caid. She was elevated to Duchess on 6/6/2009 by Edward II and Mora II, King and Queen of Caid. And she was elevated to the Order of the Pelican on 9/6/2009 by Edward II and Mora II, King and Queen of Caid.


Kolfinna was born in 820 c.e. in the Viking Age trading port of Hedeby, Denmark. She is known as a Shield Maiden because she has participated on several raids and works as a guardsman on trading ships owned and operated by her parents Saxi and Sigrid.


Duchess Kolfinna died October 1, 2009 from complications from H1N1 viral infection.

On that day, at 5:50 pm, Augustine von Freiburg wrote:

Sven has asked that I post that Kolfinna Kottr, has been taken by the Valkyries today at 4:55. She died as a true warrior with friends at her side and a weapon in hand. Thank you ALL for your continuous support through this extremely trying time. Thus ends the final court of Kolfinna Kottr.

Earlier in the day, at 12:06 pm, Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin wrote:

It is with deep regret and much sorrow that after getting permission from Sven, I pass on that Duchess Kolfinna will loose her brave fight with H1N1 today, October 1st, 2009. We all feel a great loss but Kolfinna’s family asks that her friends refrain from coming up to the hospital. There will be a memorial at Great Western War and there will be more information on that and final arrangements posted on the website later http://www.kolfinna.sca-caid.org/

A memorial for Kolfinna kottr was held on Saturday, Oct 10, 2009, on the Main Battlefield of Great Western War 2009 at 2 PM.


  • Inducted by Sean of the Chipendales into The Chipendales, a fighting group of like-minded individuals, mostly residing in the Kingdom of Calontir, 2009.

Offices & Positions

  • Caid Queen’s Guard, TRM Battista de Lagos, 11/20/1999-6/3/2000
  • Caid Queen’s Guard, TRM Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din I, 6/3/2000-11/18/2000
  • Caid Queen’s Guard, TRM Ciar Lasse MacGregor, 11/18/2000-6/1/2001
  • Squire to Sir Malachi Halfdan Brightskull, 5/2001-2/19/2005
  • Society Deputy Marshal for Electronic Publication, 2001-2005
  • Caid Queen’s Guard, TRM Kissa Irminwhit, 2001
  • Caid Queen’s Guard, TRM Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din II, 2002
  • Caid Field Marshal, 2002-5/2006
  • Caid Deputy Webwright, 2002-5/2006
  • Naevehjem A&S Champion (Embroidered Blue Apron), Frost Dragon 2003
  • Althing A&S Champion (Armored Combat Helmet), Althing 2003
  • Barony of Dun Or Baronial Webwright, 2003-05/15/2008
  • Barony of Dun Or Baronial Marshal, 2003-2005
  • Caid Deputy Marshal for Electronic Publication, 2003-2005
  • Dun Or Baronial Lady-in-Waiting for TE Theresia diu Harpfærîn, 2004-2005
  • Caid Regional Marshal, 2005-9/13/2008
  • Caid Captain of the Vanguard of Honor, 2004-2006
  • Caid Army Chief of Staff, 2004-2006

Her Queen's Champions:

  • Caid Deputy Webwright, 11/2006-11/2008
  • Caid Deputy Earl Marshal, 2/2007-5/2007
  • Royal Advisor to Drogo and Iðuna, Caid, 2007
  • Society Deputy Seneschal for Investigations, 2007-08/23/2008
  • Caid Earl Marshal, 5/2007-9/13/2008
  • Administrator, Compendium Caidis, 4/2008-08/23/2008
  • Caid Army Advisor, 5/2008-11/2008
  • Caid Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal, 8/31/2008-9/13/2008

Her Queen's Champions:

  • Administrator, Compendium Caidis, 6/9/2009-10/01/2009
  • Caid Army Advisor, 6/9/2009-10/01/2009
  • Caid Deputy Webwright, 6/9/2009-10/01/2009

Event Staff

  • Marshal in Charge, Dun Or Yule, 2004
  • Marshal in Charge, Dun Or Brigand Hunt, 2004
  • Marshal in Charge, Dun Or Anniversary, 2004
  • Marshal in Charge, Darkwell War, 2004
  • Marshal in Charge, Dun Or Yule, 2005
  • Marshal in Charge, Dun Or Brigand Hunt, 2005
  • Marshal in Charge, Dun Or Anniversary, 2005
  • Marshal in Charge, Darkwell War, 2005
  • Marshal in Charge, Great Western War, 2007
  • Marshal in Charge, Spring Crown, 2008
  • Battlemaster, Great Western War, 2008

Classes Taught

  • Women Fighters, Caid Collegium Spring 2002
  • Beginning Fighting for Females, Collegium Caidis Fall 2004
  • Women Warriors in History, Festival of the Rose Spring 2005
  • Marshals, Heralds, & Lists, What Is Everyone Supposed To Be Doing?, Caid Collegium Fall 2007
  • Armored Combat Marshalling 101, Caid Collegium Fall 2007
  • Armored Combat Marshalling 101, Caid Collegium Spring 2008
  • Armored Combat Marshalling 101, Collegium Caidis Fall 2008
  • Ask-A-Knight, Collegium Caidis Fall 2008

Projects & Publications

Arts & Sciences

See Kolfinna's Project for a full listing. (Broken Link - 5/4/2010)

Publications Author

All links in this section are broken - 5/4/2010

Publications Editor

Web Site Projects

Web Sites not under official SCA control.

  • Current: EarlyPeriod.com, Fanucci.org, Gambesons.com, Kottr.com, SwordMaiden.com, WeldedChainmail.com
  • Retired: Anshelm Arms, Waelsinges Hus

Memories and Tributes

  • Please feel free to leave your memories of Kolfinna.
Memorial for Kolfinna kottr at Great Western War 2009

The following banner was created by Tiarna Cithrúadh dubán, Barony of Lyondemere and was proudly displayed on the Kingdom Website for the Month of October. Kolfinnaheader.gif

From Curteis FitzOsbern de Abergavenny

I will think of our Warrior Duchess.
I will think how She died as a warrior should; fighting till Her last breath.
I will think Her an inspiration for facing the Legion beast that threatens us all.
I will think She has earned Her place in Valhalla.
And I shall not mourn.
I will remember that this beast still stalks our lands.
I will remember to be wary of it, and to make what defenses I can against its predations.
And should it come for me, I shall fight it in my turn, and "for Kolfinna" will be my warcry.
And I will think of our Warrior Duchess.
And I shall not mourn.

From An Unknown Poet

Kolfinna 100109311
Bright sword above the battle surge;
Riding rainbow bridge upon little cat's feet;
Sing joyously! Give over to no dirge;
Valhalla has come honey-sweet;
Arrives Sister of Valkyries,
Once and forever a Queen of Caid;
Was Hael! To her life and deeds!

From Elizabeth Margaret Cleves

If ever there was a time I am angry for the gods calling out, "here kitty, kitty." this is the time,
If ever there was a time I could have wished that call to fall upon deaf ears, this is the time.
Make no mistake, Tears are for the strong.
Tomorrow is soon enough to begin life anew, this night is for tears,
let there be no dry pillows this night in the known world for our dearest kitten
deserves to be mourned, to be missed, to know our deepest love and respect.
We have shared good times, played together, served together and lived our own lives as well.
I cried with joy at her knighting. I cry in anger, in love, in sorrow and in grief tonight.
Tomorrow is soon enough to begin anew, tonight let there be no dry pillow in the known world.
Let our love fall down each cheek.
Let our cries of sorrow be heard from every corner, that the Heavens cannot help to hear our sorrow.
Let every Warrior in the Summerlands drop to one knee in recognition
that the Heavens are filled this night with the bravest Valkyrie to ever walk the Summerlands,
let there be no dry pillow this night in the known world,
for we have lost a shining light in our midst.
The Summerlands gain is most surely our very dear loss.

From Sigvaldr's wife Carrie

I just read a post saying that Kitty passed. I have no words to express the grief that you poor people have been going through this year. Please send my love and what ever power I can to Sven. I know how much they both mean to Sigvald. I am so sorry. She is not alone in the great halls of Valhalla, Sig will be there to greet her. I know that is small assurance in this time but it may help in time. Know that my heart is with you all in this time of grief and most of all with Sven.

Please be well.

LOVE Carrie "Sigvald's Lady"

From Grainne ingen Lasrach

Yesterday our dear Duchess kofinna kottr, known in the modern world as Kitty Sexton, left this world for the next. She was only 29 from all reports.

Trying to put things in words is hard so I've been thinking about my memories of her. We weren't BFFs or anything like that but I met her about 13 years ago when I first started fencing in the SCA. She was this energetic kid who had taken up fencing because she was only ~16 and wasn't old enough to fight with the rattan sticks. She was up in Darach (Ventura area) and I was down in Gyldenholt (Orange County) so I didn't see her that much, but she was always fun to fight with on the field.

Later on I got to see her really blossom as an armored combat fighter. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with her as Earl Marshal when I was Kingdom Rapier Marshal and she taught me a lot about dealing with the difficult parts of the job with patience, grace, and just a little bit of sarcasm. I was fortunate to get to know her a lot better then, and started to get to know the man in her life, Sven, who was always just one of those armored fighters that I didn't know that well. I'm very grateful for that.

In thinking about her life, I can really say she LIVED it. She worked hard, played hard, fought hard, partied hard. She really loved life and all of us in it. For all that she was more than 10 years younger than I, I think she lived just a little more life that I have. I don't know if she ever thought she might not be around forever, but she certainly lived like she just had this one life and it was going to count. I think it did. So while we all need to take the time to grieve, I don't think she'd want us to grieve for too long. I think she'd want us to go LIVE our lives to the fullest. So at GWW I will endeavor not to greive but to celebrate her life and play hard, fight hard, and party hard in her honor. But I know it will be so very hard. Will you help?

For Kolfinna. May your memory live long and may your next life be just as wonderful but far longer than this one.

From Judwiga Czarna Pika ze Smocza Jamy

Valhalla's Valkeries swell once more with the arrival of a strong, couragous warrior. An artist, a calm, calculating learned warrior. A woman whos knight swelled with pride; "Thats MY Squire" Malachis words fill my head. A warrior who hit hard, learned all, and was giving of time, talent, skill and strength. A Duchess, a flower off the field, a Knight on the field, and a powerhouse everywhere. Valhalla, be proud, but you just borrow her until the Gods come back again; and we get our loved Kitty back!!!

From Pádraig Óconnell

Thunder's Ride

With a crash like thunder, Valhalla's gates fly open,
The sound of hoofbeats as the Valkyries ride.
Down the shaking branches of Yggdrasil,
To Midgard's autumn they fly.
Past mountain and desert, storm and sea,
They ride towards their goal.
For a royal knight with pelican's grace,
By a common threat laid low.
Through family and friends, mooring their loss,
To the fallen knights side they come.
Her sword in her hand, for fighting she fell
Her life's journey sadly done.
The Valkryries salute, and hold out their hands,
By mortal eyes unseen, the knight does stand.
On cat-light feet, eyes now open and bright,
Towards Valhalla's gates she rides.
A kingdom is cast in sorrow, the Known World weeps,
A merry and wise Duchess lost to us how?
But in the sky, though the Worldtree's boughs,
Sir Kolfinna rides, a Valkyrie now.
(In memory of Duchess Sir Kolfinna Kottr, KSCA, OP)
- Lord Padraig o Connell
1 October AS44 (2009)

From Bryn kjolfari

I wrote this in memory of Kolfinna. Though I hardly knew her, she was, and is, an inspiration to me both as a female fighter and as a person.

The Knightly Queen
Winter comes to Caid
dark storms froth her seas
warriors raise your horns of mead
in tribute to our fair Knightly Queen
No golden rose shall bloom as bright
No lady of chivalry display her might
No white sea bird soar to such height
as she who sups in Valhalla this night
A cheer to our lost Knightly Queen
Warriors raise your horns of mead
Hail! Hail! Odin's newest Valkyrie
Winter has come to Caid
Bryn kjolfari (Jenny Bellington)

From Jamal and Éowyn

Most of us knew her as Sir Kolfinna kottr. She was the first, and to date only, female knight made in our kingdom, in recognition of her skill at playing the primary sport of the SCA. She fought with skill, yes, as well as an infectious enthusiasm. Whatever she did, she did with her whole heart and soul, throwing herself at life and activities. She was admitted to the Order of the Pelican as she was falling ill with what at first seemed just a cold.

She always had a smile on her face. Smile? Hah! Usually a broad grin. But even when no one was looking, resting from helping to cook a meal for a hundred friends at Winter Weekend, back to the fire and staring down at nothing on the floor, a smile still quirked her mouth.

She talked with Ian, Jamal's son, at Winter Weekend using her first language and his preferred language - sign language. Behind the scenes on the wiki, she was asking, answering, quietly fixing things that needed attention. She and Sven presided over the Court at Lyondemere in 2006, when we stepped down as Baron and Baroness. I sat next to her in the finals of Crown in Spring of this year, when Jamal fought Edward the Sinister for the honor of succeeding her and Sven as monarchs. Sir Edward claimed that honor. I used her website and her directions to create my first Viking apron dress. I admired the embroidery she did for others. That's how I knew her.

Jamal told me of when he first met her in 1998 or so. He was at a tourney in Darach or Isles. Three girls came over from the nearby soccer field to watch. Kitty led the others to the tournament field. She cheered for him, and was shushed, because one doesn't cheer at tournaments here. She was not in the SCA. Afterwards, she offered Jamal a sip of her Dr. Pepper because he looked hot and tired. After that, he was her "Dr. Pepper Brother" and she was his "Dr. Pepper Sister." He may have been the first person to talk to her about SCA fighting. Clearly he was not the last.

And always, she smiled.

From Cithrúadh dubán

From Dirk Fleetwood

Flight of a Sparrow

And I looked, as I rested my feet from the weary path I had chosen.
I spotted a sparrow, taking wing on the gentle breeze the Morning provided.
As I watched the delicate flight on that gossamer sea, I pondered and thought of thee.
I knew ye not, dear Lady, and yet we met in spirit.
For we have those in common knowledge, and our spirits commingled with like minds.
I knew ye not, dear Lady, and yet we seem to meet, with those to whom we speak.
For thou livest in the hearts of they that knew ye, and adored ye.
It is often that those things that are most fragile are also the most worthwhile.
Whether it is a fleeting moment of bliss, or a kind act to a child, or even a leaf falling from the Oak- with but one word or movement, it can be shattered beyond recognition.
And thus, we learn to treasure that which is most frail- the gift of Life.
The flight of Life is much like that of a sparrow- delicate to witness, and a marvel to behold.
We watch casually when we see it, and treasure it far after it's gone.
Sometimes, we ask for nothing more than to glimpse it dancing in the wind.
And when we catch it, we are beholding a miracle.
Although my day is saddened to miss the sparrow's flight, I do not grieve.
For I know that thou hast flown to a better place- a place where I hope my path takes me.
Although my spirit cries, I know that we will perchance meet in greener meadows, and laugh as young children.
When all things are accounted for, and all is said and done, I know that the path I tread shall cross with the flight of this sparrow, one day.

(Written by Lord Dirk Fleetwood, exclusively in Honor & Memory of Her Grace, Kolfinna)

From Master Andrixous, Calontir

A Sonnet

Throughout the nineteen realms is cast a pall,
In shires and barons' lands a grievous wail.
All noble hearts break at Kolfinna's fall.
Three weeks ago she was so strong and hale.
Though Fortune's Wheel did spread our homes by miles
And kept our joyous meetings' number few,
I treasure each encounter's happy smiles
And thank the Fates I knew a Peer so true.
But she was one who ran life as a race.
With vigor did she seek the newest task
It was not hers to stick to laggard's pace
Sweet kindness was her core, not venal mask.
We mourn the warrior, cut down in her prime,
But know she made the best of too-short time.

From Alais de Saint Germain

Untitled In Honor of Sir Kolfinna

Comes a western wind;
Drifts a monarch butterfly;
Paused for one moment.
Shared, pain divided;
Hearts, hands of friends united;
A loved one passes.

From Lady Christiaen

Kolfinna will forever remain one of my dearest, truest SCA friends. That's not to say we hung out every event or shared a household or anything. We didn't. But she always went out of her way to make me feel loved and befriended, as I suspect she did for so many... a magical talent she had and shared with anyone willing to open their hearts to her.

I met her on nearly my first day playing SCA and we became fast friends. Camping together, fighting together, campaigning together... This was back when she was still "Cianna" and I was 10 years older than her and not nearly as cool as she was. But she was generous with her popularity and readily shared her friends and energy and "life". I always felt a part of something wonderful when I was with her. Then we each found boyfriends and polar-opposite personas (lol) and such, and grew apart, but no matter how busy she was, or how many thrones she sat, she never ran out of time for me. Or anyone else I imagine. She was just one of those amazing kind of people you meet once in a lifetime...

Everyone that was lucky enough to have Kitty cross their path like a black cat on Friday the 13th are the luckiest people in the world. Truly blessed. I am a better person for having known her. Some of the ways I conduct myself I picked up by emulating her style, her vivacity and her "devil may care" attitude. She was a "don't sweat the small stuff" girl. She was a "laugh at the lame stuff" girl. She was a "love hard, play hard" girl. If I live all my life with half of her "je ne sais quoi", I will consider it a complete success.

My biggest regret is that I never took the opportunity to tell her how much I loved her. How much she meant to me. How much I learned from her. Which seriously pisses me off. WHY do we do that? Why do I have such strong feelings about my friends, and wait to tell them? What was I waiting for?

If nothing else, Kitty's death will teach me to "come clean". To tell the people I love how I feel. Sooner rather than later.

Meow, Kitty.

"The candles will burn out long before, her legend ever will."

From Simon MacFaolain of Lochac

This weekend last, at our annual Spring war in the Barony of Mordenvale, was held a memorial tourney for her Grace. His Majesty Gabriel, Sir Agro Agwesi and his majesty's Guard held the field in a Pas d'Armes in her memory.

Her Majesty, and the ladies of the Rose present, strewed rose petals across the field in tribute and spoke of the loss of a valiant lady and Knight.

More than twenty fighters contested the field in a variety of weapons forms, both open field, over the barrier and melee. In a particularly poignant display, those ladies who took the field banded together in melee and defeated the tenans, a stirring tribute.

Vale your Grace, sleep well.

Photos of this event on Facebook (requires Facebook login)

From Viscountess Syele von der Rosen

To the beautiful Kingdom of Caid, greetings from Viscountess Syele von der Rosen of the West Kingdom!

Many of you asked me for the lyrics to the song I performed for our dear friend Duchess Kolfinna this past weekend, and I thought this was the best way to provide them. Sir Kolfinna was a bright light - it was my greatest honor to be counted amongst her friends, and this small tribute was the least I could do to repay her. I thank you all for allowing me to be a small part of her tribute, and for offering such great hospitality and friendship to me and mine throughout the weekend - truly, Caid, you shine through your sorrow at the loss of this great Lady. Long Live the Kingdom of Caid, and long live Kolfinna in our hearts and memories.

In Service,
Syele the Songbird

Kolfinna's Song - October 2009
By Viscountess Syele von der Rosen (West Kingdom)

Do not weep for a warrior gone
For we shall drink again, ere long
Don't look for me on hill or ridge
You'll see me soon - I guard the bridge
Odin called me to feast at his hall
His valkyries came though I gave it my all
A warrior born I gave my best fight
Too soon I went to the land of night
Twice I wore roses of gold and white
I fought for my King and he called me a Knight
From my breast sprang forth life's blood of the moon
Hear my wound song sound - I was taken too soon
Do not weep for a warrior gone
For we shall drink again, ere long
Don't look for me on hill or ridge
You'll see me soon - I guard the bridge
Ever did I live with fire and pride
Chivalry and honor at my dear Svenn's side
Remember well my laugh, recall my joyous smile
For we are only parted for a little while
I call on you now to live life for me
To sing out my name to the winds o'er the sea
I will stand fast here until the day
When I'll walk at your side as you come my way
Do not weep for a warrior gone
For we shall drink again, ere long
Don't look for me on hill or ridge
You'll see me soon - I guard the bridge

From Bjorn atte Woodepyle

From tears to laughter a rainbow of emotion stretched from horizon to horizon. Over the weekend hung an emotional rain cloud of a memorial. The memorial was for an exceptional person that has had a profound effect on many lives. By my observations she touched far more lives than she actually met, including my own.

I didn't really know Kitty but after this weekend I feel I certainly know who she is now. I use the present tense because the effect of her life is still here with the living. Those close to her with the strength to speak at the memorial painted a picture of a life that touched and inspired. Her life was short but the overwhelming positive effect it had on many became the focal point as her loved ones shared their grief. That rain cloud burst in the form of tears flowing from the eyes of those touched by this remarkable young life tragically taken too soon. The rainbow that followed had only one color, a color that dominated the landscape. Orange ribbons adorned arms and covered hearts in ribbons of remembrance.

The sky burned orange as the sun took leave of the day. Bifrost was paved in orange bathed in burning light as bright as the life that called for its appearance. The bridge to Valhalla held up by the spirits raised in celebration. Celebration of this beautiful life lasted the whole night. Tears dried and turned to smiles and stories of inspiration as her life took leave and her legacy took root.

From Lachlan of Cromarty

  • Kolfinna was welcoming. As Crescent, I accompanied Queen Kolfinna on her progress. On the way out to the archery field, I got delayed with a bit of business. I fully expected to have to run to catch up, but when I turned around, I found the entire court resting in the shade of a tree. I said that I was surprised to find them still there, and Kolfinna replied, "Oh, we wouldn't leave without you," making me feel as though she wanted me to be around, rather than expected me to be around.
  • Kolfinna was mischievous. Before closing court, while Kolfinna was Lady Caid for the second time, she had in her possession a miniature lawn gnome which resembled King Edward. It also had a chip in it which would record and play back sound. Kolfinna was in the middle of recording her voice when the King turned toward her. She froze for a moment like a little girl caught being naughty - wide eyed and with the gnome pressed to her lips like a stolen cookie. Then she pressed "play" and tossed it at the King. Flying through the air, the gnome called out, "Die, Daddy! Die!"
  • Kolfinna fought hard. Long ago, I participated in armored combat and practiced with her a couple times. She had a low wrap shot that landed just below my bottom, and she could hit me there again and again. Later I would complain to my wife about the "spanking" she had given me.
  • Kolfinna worked tirelessly. She is largely responsible for creating this site, and it is a credit to the Kingdom. She has many "legacies", and Compendium Caidis is one which will, hopefully, last a long, long time. She took the maintenance of the "In Memoriam" category very seriously, wishing those who have passed to be remembered--forever a part of our story. On the evening of October 1, James the Inconstant shouldered the sad duty of adding Her Grace to that category. I am pleased to see this page blossom with beautiful words from her loved ones, as it should be. We will do our best to maintain her page with the same care that she would have tendered.

From Eldwin Nightowl

There are many people who knew Kottr much better than I did. I never even met her in person, but knew her throught this site which is why I think of her by her user name Kottr. When I first started editing here about a year ago, she almost immediately created the beginning of a member page for me. Then she made a link to an SCA song I'd worked on, and added a category to an article I started, and answered my questions and emailed me, etc. I thought, "I don't even live in Caid anymore, haven't been active in the SCA for quite a while, am completely new here, and the woman who's Queen of Caid is going out of her way to help me?" I've edited wikis for 10 years, since H2G2 began, so I know how rare that kind of help is.

From Saito Takauji, West Kingdom/Calontir

I met Duchess Kolfinna at a Lillies, where I heralded for Duke Sven during their reign (the first one, I believe). The strength of her character, the warmth that she showed to everything she saw in the society, and the simple way she lived the chivalric virtues made an impression on me even in a short time. When I heard she had passed, I was stunned, and wrote this in her honor.

Strength and gentle fortitude,
Courtesy and steel.
The fire's warmth, lightning's strength,
and the love of her people.
From Caid a light has gone,
A gentle soul departed.
Sorrow for the crescent clan,
Mourning for us all.
Strength in war and joy in peace,
Marked her much as tripled leaves.
Though a queen no longer, first
In her people's hearts.
The seasons change,
The world turns.
All the things of fragile man,
Lost in its' indifferent spin.
All that mortal hands can make,
The hands of time undo.
Except for one eternal gift.
The light that shone forth from her heart,
Brilliant as no other,
Cannot be snuffed by such uncaring tides.
Though dimmed now in our grief it lives,
Roaring in the dark,
Cradled in the place she held most dear:
The minds of her friends in their remembrances.
The hearts of her people, forever more.


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