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Kingdom of Meridies
Argent, on a pale sable a crown of three points, above each point a mullet arent, overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.
Founded: 01/14/1978
Modern Location: USA: Alabama, almost all of Georgia, a bit of the panhandle of Florida, most of Tennessee, and parts of southern Kentucky (Allen, Barren, Calloway, Logan, Simpson, and Warren counties).

Meridies is the 5th Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Meridian(s) is the proper spelling for members of the Kingdom.


  • Meridies is said to be taken from the definition of the word Meridian - Defined adj. [OFr meridien L meridianus] of noon, southern meridies, noon, the south.
  • Francois du Vent and Anne were created the first rulers of the Principality of Meridies in A.S. X.
  • John Bearkiller and Kassandra NicKraken were crowned the first rulers of the Kingdom of Meridies in A.S. XII at the hand of King Koris and Queen Leah of Atenveldt.
  • Established: A.S. XI as a principality of Atenveldt.
  • Kingdom: 14 January 78 A.S. XII.
  • Current area: The Southern states of North America including: Alabama, most of Georgia, most of Tennessee, some of the Florida Panhandle and a small portion of Kentucky.

Caidans that are former Meridians

Meridians that are former Caidans

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