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Resides: Al-Sahid
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TH Lady Valdis Isbrandsdottir.

Saw a demo while in high school in 1983 then joined that same group, (Shire of Nant-y-derwyddon, Kingdom of Meridies) in the fall of 1984 while attending East Tennessee State University. In 1997 lived briefly in the Kingdom of Atlantia and in 2005 joined the Kingdom of Caid with her husband and mother.


In the lands of Norway, Valdis was born to Isbrand and Haldis in 966. The Clan of Iarngard, Isbrand's father, was a coastal clan and the sea was their life... providing food and the means to seek out new lands. While some stayed home to farm the land and fish the nearby waters, others sailed to new worlds. Isbrand himself was a shipbuilder who gained favor with those of the clan who bartered services and supplies. Haldis, mother of Valdis, was the daughter of merchants who traded among those who settled in far off lands.

Valdis's older brother, Isgar who was born in 961 and sailed the seas as a fisherman and explored distant shores till he settled with his family in Scotland using his skills as a seaman/fisherman to support his brood.

Taking after her mother, Valdis became a healer of the clan and eventually married. She bore her husband several sons and daughters. She spends her days overseeing the household and those who serve the house. She is cook, brewer, weaver, healer and herbalist, and when the men are away she is the defender of their house.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Kitchen Helper, Giant's Dance, Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies, ?-? (the 80's and 90's)
  • Feast Server, Giant's Dance, Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies, ?-? (the 80's and 90's)
  • Kitchen Helper, Boar Hunt, Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies, ?-? (the 80's and 90's)
  • Feast Server, Boar Hunt, Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies, ?-? (the 80's and 90's)
  • Kitchen Helper, Viking Raids, Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies, ?-? (the 80's and 90's)
  • Feast Server, Viking Raids, Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies, ?-? (the 80's and 90's)
  • Gaming Competition Coordinator, Giant's Dance or Boar Hunt, Nant-y-derwyddon, ?-?
  • Volunteer, SCA Demo at Spring Fest, Nant-y-derwyddon, ?-?
  • Troll/Gate Helper, Crown Tourney Al-Sahid, 2005
  • Troll/Gate Helper, Highland War, Al-Sahid, 2005
  • Iron Chef Helper, Highland War, Al-Sahid, 2005
  • Brewing Competition Helper, Highland War, Al-Sahid, 2005
  • Troll/Gate Helper, Al-Sahid Anniversary, 2006
  • Co-Steward, Al-Sahid Anniversary, 2006
  • Iron Chef Coordinator, Highland War, Al-Sahid, 2006
  • Brewing Competition Coordinator, Highland War, Al-Sahid, 2006
  • Iron Chef Helper, Highland War, Al-Sahid, 2008

Past and Present Affiliations

Projects & Publications


Competitions and Judging

  • Entered Lust Indulgence (in the form of a poem) - Best Indulgence for Excesses during Lent - 2/28/2009 Mons Draconis Celebration of Rebirth 2009 - Didn't win but listed here as the first ever competition I entered in the 20 plus years I've been a member of the SCA.
  • Entered Pumpkin Bread - Pilgrim Food Competition - 4/11/2009 St. Geronimus Tournament 2009|Dreiburgen - Didn't win but tasters seemed to enjoy and no-one died of food poisoning.
  • Walking the Boards 2009, Right Noble Brewer's Guild of Caid.
    • Varietal - Liqueur - Cherry Candy Cane - 56, counted towards apprentice
    • Varietal - Vinegar - Strawberry - 77.75, counted towards apprentice


  • Archery
  • Carving
  • Ceramics
  • Costuming
  • Culinary Arts
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Glass Blowing
  • Herbalism
  • Mapmaking
  • Performance Arts (composing music, poetry, stories)
  • Rapier
  • Research
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Viking Era Studies



  • One memory always reminds me how much I love the SCA and it was a moment made special by Asbrand, who used to live in the Shire of Nant-y-derwyddon of Meridies. I had borrowed a guitar and snuck off to my camp to play for myself. It was dark, raining and I was all alone in my dimly candlelit tent just messing around on the guitar. In walked Asbrand so I stopped. He asked me to continue because it was the music that drew him to my tent. I played for Asbrand and eventually others entered the tent. I stopped each time there was a new visitor but Asbrand kept prompting me to continue. I eventually played various songs including some I wrote myself. I have no idea how long we stayed but eventually the night came to an end, and probably THE most special night of my SCA life. Thank you Asbrand of Norway.


  • Corwin du Chene of Nottingham, from the Shire of Nant-y-derwyddon in the Kingdom of Meridies, introduced me to the SCA while I was a student at ETSU. I had seen a demo at my high school but had no idea where to find the group. Corwin and I worked together on the ETSU campus and he brought me 'into the fold' of the Shire. For a short time I was the Lady of his Household until we merged with Galley Lionslayer. Our friendship has continued to this day and has meant the world to me.

Ivarr and Elyn

  • Both Martin and I are saddened and at a loss for words that you both are stepping down as The Baron and The Baroness of Dreiburgen. You both welcomed both Martin and I into Dreiburgen with open arms and showed us what Chivalry and Honor truly means by being True examples of both. Generosity, Compassion, Kindness, and the willingness to share your knowledge and friendship have meant everything to us. Never before during our time in Caid has anyone taken the time from their own pursuits in the SCA to help us find our own way in the SCA as the two of you have. Pointy hats or not, you two shall remain in our hearts and our friendship shall always be yours.

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