The Society of Myriadites

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The Plethorites and The Myriadites were founded in the deep shadows of the night by Elyn de Hauocmore and Juliana Romfare of Leichestre on 10/05/07.

Those individuals who find themselves enraptured by the very sight of embellishment in the ribbon or tape format frequently refer to themselves as Patrons of The Society of Myriadites. Entre' to this organization is based on the person's core need to collect these bits of trim in huge variety as well as in great quantity.

The Loyal Order of the Plethorites is devoted to the aquisition and enjoyment found in resplendent textiles and collecting, perusing, and enjoying the textural variations. The cloth is sometimes used to produce marvelous and useful items such as clothing, tablecloths, pavilion exteriors, bed hangings and cushions. There is no limit to the items that may possibly be produced as the only restraint is in the fabric itself.

Founding Mothers