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Founded: 1981
Modern Location: Bakersfield

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The Shire of Darkwell was formerly a local branch within the Kingdom of Caid.


Area: officially, all of Kern County; in practicality, the region of Bakersfield, Tehachapi and surrounding areas.

Meaning: referred to the abundance of oil wells in the region.

Established: petition to the Crown of Caid was made at the coronation of Gregory of York and Arianyn, November 21, AS XVI, and was granted granted at 12th Night A.S. XVI.

Blazon: no device was ever submitted and registered.


Aislynn & Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood, along with Leona de Francesco della Perugia, Frank and Martha of Wales, the "Flying Trippoletto's" and a few other madmen and women: Maeve ("Mad" Maeve) Muirland of the Tower of Pel (also known as Ymilhault of Pel), Ándrás László, Morgan Trygvisson, and Marianne of Worchester were the founding members of the Shire.

Our petition to the Crown of Caid was made at the coronation of Gregory of York and Arianyn, November 21, AS XVI, and was granted granted at 12th Night A.S. XVI

From the Armorial and Ordinary

No arms for the Shire were ever submitted.


Our first event was to host the Barony of the Isle's anniversary tournament during the first reign of Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst and Natalya Gregorovna - veritable learning experience and trial by fire! The event drew local news media, and Darkwell's only fighter at that time, Morgan Tryggvisson, featured prominently on the late evening news falling in combat to the tune of Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".

We had our own special events as well: the Below the Salt Feast (wherein all were below the salt - it was usually hung from a tree); the Fools' Feasts (with the Silly Weapons Tourney, once won with loaf of week-old bread); as well as the usual and customary SCA activities.

Awards Bestowed

Summer Coronation 1984 - Final Court of Kipp and Berengaria

851207 Below the Salt Feast Darkwell attended by Their Majesties Glyn and Tressa

890520 (at an unnamed event in Caid) by Their Majesties Guy and Darla

Dissolution of the Shire

A few years later, the Shire of Darkwell disbanded as the various members went separate ways, some to other states, some to other activities, and one, our beloved Lady Leona, who was mundanely a Third Order Carmelite, to her heavenly reward.

Wintermist has taken root where Darkwell formerly was known, and the annual Darkwell War is held near the site of the original Darkwell.

Our goal had been to have fun. We did.

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