Aislynn of Amberwood

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Aislynn of Amberwood at Southern California RenFaire, 1987
Resides: An Tir
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Aislynn of Amberwood.gif
Ermine, a stag's head erased between three roses sable.

Lady Aislynn of Amberwood was granted an aware of arms on 12/07/1985 by TRM Glyn and Tressa at the Darkwell (Shire) Below the Salt even.

Lady Aislynn of Amberwood met her lord husband, Alaric Wulfgar of Amberwood, in the summer of A.S. XVI (1981 c.e.) through mutual friends who were working to establish a local SCA branch; they were wed in December, A.S. XVI. They remained active in the Shire of Darkwell, along with their daughters, until leaving Caid for the wilds of An Tir in A.S. XXII. For many reasons, participation within the Society ended following this move; however, in September A.S. XL, the Household rejoined the Society, with the intent of becoming active in the Canton of Porte de L'Eau, Barony of Madrone, Kingdom of An Tir.

Offices and Positions