Caldera Keep

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Caldera Keep

Founded: Mid-eighties as a canton of Altavia
Modern Location: Van Nuys area, California

Caldera Keep is no longer an active territory.


Established: (Mid-1980s). Original members included Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux, Lady Selene Colfox, Lord Goldwyn of Britain, Lady Renata Kestryl of Highwynds, Lord Philip the Apparently Harmless, Lady Madeleine FitzRobert de la Foret, Lady Anne FitzAlan of Castle Combe, and Duchess Natalya de Foix

Meaning: The idea for the name came about as a collaboration of people who were gathered in a swimming pool during the summer. A caldera is a deep hole at the top of a volcano, often filled with hot water, and a keep is the central tower or other strongly fortified place in a castle. The name seemed perfect to describe the location of a house with a hot tub. Council meetings were held at the home of Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux and Lady Selene Colfox, with a potluck dinner following the meeting, as well as time in the pool 'n hot tub.

Blazon: Azure platey, a cauldron within a laurel wreath argent. The branch name was registered 12/1985 and released 10/2005.

Seneschal: Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux (1987)

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