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Caid's original A&S magazines, The Arts Quarterly and The Scientific Caidan (Rosemary Petsley), were published in the early 1980s. In 1987, two issues of Son of the Scientific Caidan was published, and in Summer 1991, the first issue of Ars Caidis was published, under the sponsorship of HRM Adriana as the Kingdom's patroness of Arts and Sciences.

Ars Caidis is Caid's Arts and Sciences journal, published under the auspices of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences office. Everyone, regardless of age and rank, is welcome to submit research articles, original art, poetry, commentary about life in the Current Middle Ages, recipes - in short, anything that involves the arts and sciences of life either in the real world prior to 1600 AD or the Current Middle Ages as it relates to re-creation and re-enactment of those times.

Ars Caidis was honored in A.S. 39 as the SCA's best Special Interest Newsletter.


  • Observation of the cut-off date of 1600 AD for research articles although any culture existing in the world from 1600 A.D. back is acceptable. If you wish to write about the Cavalier period, please contact the prior to submission.
  • Articles should be written predominantly in English although notes in other languages (with translations) are welcome. Refer to the current edition of the MLA Style Guide or the Chicago Manual of Style for footnotes and bibliography formats.
  • Articles will be reviewed and editorial comments discussed with authors prior to publication. No changes will be made without the author's approval.
  • Because Ars Caidis is brought into the homes of our members and may used as a public relations document, please respect the boundaries of good taste.

Previous Ars Caidis Editors

Published Issues

May 1987 "Son of Scientific Caidan" Vol. 1, No. 1
Editor: Rosemary Petsley

May 1988 "Son of Scientific Caidan" Vol. 2, No. 1
Editor: Rosemary Petsley

Ars Caidis Summer 1991

Ars Caidis cover from Summer of ASXXVI (1991); Art by Eadwynne of Runedun

Editor: Lord Eadwynne of Runedun

Ars Caidis 1993

Ars Caidis 1994 (Issue No. 111)

Ars Caidis January 1996

  • Letter from Ars Caidis Editors
  • "Soche Wycked Fashyon" or, Sumptuary Laws and Morality in the Age of Elizabeth I by Lady Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta
  • Beastie Pieces: Trace-A-Monster by Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake
  • Scrollery List - Collegium Caidis (Collegium classes available on video in the Collegium Caidis library)
  • Angels Officers Favors - an Embroidery Pattern by THL Robynne the Grey (Basic Angel and Seneschal's key)
  • Men in Tights, or Adventures in Hosiery by Lady Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild
  • Missive from Arts Pentathlon Autocrat
  • Full Moon by Lord Grim Finch

Ars Caidis April 1996

Ars Caidis October 1996

Ars Caidis April 1997

Ars Caidis July 1997

Ars Caidis October 1997

Ars Caidis January 1998

Ars Caidis July 1998

Ars Caidis July 1999

Ars Caidis January 2000

Ars Caidis Autumn 2000

Ars Caidis Autumn 2002
Editor: Duchess Natalya de Foix

Ars Caidis Spring/Summer 2003
Editor: Duchess Natalya de Foix

Ars Caidis September 2004
Editor: Duchess Natalya de Foix

Ars Caidis June 2004
Editor: Duchess Natalya de Foix

Ars Caidis Winter 2004/Jan 2005
Editor: Duchess Natalya de Foix Theme: In Memoriam

Ars Caidis April 2005
Editor: Duchess Natalya de Foix
Theme: The Subject of Arthur

Ars Caidis Summer 2009
Editor: THL Caitlin Christiana Wintour
Theme: "Period Supernatural" - In our world of celluloid horror and King novels, it is easy to think of the supernatural as a modern invention. Some things are, such as the vampire that entered its pointy-toothed glory in the 19th century. But our time period sported a rich variety of supernatural tales of the walking dead, dark dwarves, hellish dogs, haunted houses, and ghost-infested barrows. Whether we find them in England's monastic ghost stories or the rip-roaring revenants of dark Iceland. Europe was a hotbed of supernatural scary tales. In this issue we screw up our courage and poke around these dark and cobwebby corners.

Ars Caidis Winter 2009
Editor: Mistress Caitlin Christiana Wintour
Theme: "Performance Arts in Caid" - This issue celebrates Performance Arts in Caid. We will offer encouragement, how-tos, and resources for budding and experienced bards. Share and learn about music, acting, storytelling, composition, and many other aspects of the SCA bard.

Ars Caidis Spring 2010
Editor: Mistress Caitlin Christiana Wintour
Theme: "The Northmen" - This issue will cover the ever-entertaining Vikings as well as Norse beliefs and everyday life. The Northmen hugely impacted Europe from England to Russia, and left their mark in other lands too. Besides, they're just fun.

Ars Caidis Summer 2010
Editor: Mistress Caitlin Christiana Wintour
theme: "The Art of SCA Costuming" - The old adage says "Welcome to Caid, now go get dressed." This issue will explore period costuming shapes, development and techniques in the context of the SCA.

Ars Caidis has been on hiatus since Fall 2010.