Alatiel de Montfort of Reading-wood

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Resides: Lyondemere
Status: Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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VE, on a chevron PU fimbriated AR, a rose SA fimbriated AR barbed and seeded proper

Lady Alatiel de Montfort of Reading-wood received an Award of Arms on 02/10/1979 from Their Eastern Majesties Bertrand and Allanda.


  • Member of the de Beaumont family
  • Also known as Alatiel de Beaumont of Reading-wood and Alatiel of Reading-Wood

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From the Kingdom of the East

  • 02/10/1971 - Award of Arms
  • 08/17/1981 - Pillar of the Bridge: Given to those in the Crown Barony of the Bridge who "do good stuff" for the group; the description is intended to be vague so as to cover diverse types of service.
  • 04/23/1982 - Order of the Maunche: Given for arts and sciences, either for excellence in one specific area or for surpassing competence in several.
  • 02/28/1987 - Order of Fatima: Founded in memory of the late Countess Fatima of House Hakim to honor illustrious clothiers and seamstresses.