Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida

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The Honorable Lord Duncan Andrew Songhawke Tengri-in Jida formed People of Persona (PoP) for persona research and instruction. He received the Lux Caidis for Research and Persona Development on 05/27/1995 from TRM Ivan III and Aislynn II.


Edithofyork14.jpg Award of arms by Edith of Arbroath


Duncan died May 4, 2013 from brain cancer.

Memories and Tributes

From Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

For those of you who remember Duncan and Sarah Croft. who moved to New Orleans and then to Las Vegas several years ago.

Duncan passed away May 4, 2013 from brain cancer.

Duncan and Sarah were very active in Altavia for many years. Duncan served as Seneschal of Altavia and, stewarded several events.

He and I did a lot of work on expanding event stewarding from one person to "event by committee" as a way of training up new stewards, and adding to the Event Worksheet, that can be found at http://lynnette.housezacharia.com/Autocrating

Perhaps the thing he most would like to be remembered for is creating the popular People of Persona workshops and worksheets.

Sarah is still in Las Vegas and hopes to come out and visit sometime later this year.

From Riordan Robert MacGregor

Sad indeed. CiarLasse and I do remember Duncan and Sarah, fondly. They were always gracious and generous, with their time, their expertise, their research, their attention -- whatever was needed that they could provide. They were great mentors, and their support and enthusiasm and benign influence started many on the road to a happy SCA hobby life. Many of those people went on to mentor newcomers in their turn; many SCA folk today could trace one side or another of their "Society line of descent" back to Duncan and Sarah, if they but knew it.

I still remember Sarah telling me that she had overheard someone else talking about how "Duncan does all their costuming... Sarah probably doesn't even know what a sewing machine *is*." She said, "I spoke right up and said 'I do *too* know what a sewing machine is... it's that thing that Duncan uses to make costumes.'"

We will miss him.

From Aran Darkhelm

Yes, I remember Duncan. We did at least one People of Persona in Darach, but I was probably at others in other areas. I still have the P.O.P. handouts and still go cover the information when requested.

From Soraya Evodia

It's a great loss to hear that lively spirit we all knew has gone into the blue sky with Tengri.

I enjoyed the persona role-play we did at persona workshops and at the 'persona table' at feasts. I especially remember the Cheetos we shared at one pot-luck feast, which we gleefully devoured as we discussed the excellent quality of the fried worms.