Michael Gulliver Blackrune

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Pel Gulliver med.jpg
Gulliver Blackrune
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale purpure and sable, on a pale argent between in chief a cat's paw print argent and a cat's paw print Or, in chief a cat's paw print purpure.
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Master Gulliver Blackrune joined the SCA in May of 1982 in the Barony of Angels. Holder of a Patent of Arms in the Order of the Pelican. He received a Court Barony at Dreiburgen Anniversary 2014.



  • Pelican 2002-05-26
  • Crescent (AM)1994-06-04
  • Court Barony 2014-10-25
  • Dolphin of Caid 1989-01-28
  • Harp Argent (bardic performance) 1996-12-07
  • Award of Arms 1985-01-19
  • Legion of Courtesy Darla I 1989-04-29
  • Athena -- the Angels 1993-09-25
  • Athena -- the Angels 1999-09-25
  • Seraph -- the Angels (rapier) (AM)2003-09-06
  • Towers of Dreiburgen -- Dreiburgen (Augmentation) 2010-10-30
  • Illuminated Tower of Dreiburgen (Bardic Presentation)


Third persona-In Development

So far "Masutā Garibā" is the working name.

Born in 1572, the son of a noble Portuguese merchant in Nagasaki, Japan. His father dealt in military hardware and vocally advocated against the Portuguese-Japanese slave trade.

Sent to Lisbon to attend the university and associate with his family from 1588 to 1594. He served as a marine, a diplomat, and royal representative traveling widely from 1594 to 1615.

In 1615 he returned to Nagasaki with his wife Vivienne to serve the Dutch at Dejima in Nagasaki, where now in 1632, they continue to live.

First Persona: Michael Gulliver Blackrune -Retired.

Michael Gulliver Blackrune,. Born near Hastings, England, in 1170. The son of a disgraced noblewoman, Lady Donna of Adenmoor and Eric Blackrune, a Norwegian nobleman and warband leader. He spent his early life learning skills at arms among the other nobleman's sons, though always reminded he was illegitimate and would never be knighted. He was often left in the care of a local monastery where he was taught his letters and numbers in preparation for a life as a monk or a priest.

In 1186 a Norman Baron came through Hastings raising troops to go to the Holy Land on Crusade with King Richard the Lion Hearted. Granted permission to join, scant days before taking holy orders, he became a man at arms to the Baron.

Arriving in Outremer in 1187 he participated in many of King Richard's battles. When his baron joined the Knights Templars he followed him into the order becoming a sergeant in the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ.

He once served as an envoy for King Richard to Sultan of Egypt and Syria, Saladin, during negotiations to convince the sultan to marry his sister Princess Joan. During these negotiations he played many games of chess with the famous sultan.

The baron disappeared and when the Order refused to explain his baron's loss he left it and joined a confraternal group called the Order of the Purple Cross, raising to lead a chapter before the entire order was disgraced and disbanded by the Pope Celestine III.

A disgraced, but highly experienced, soldier he discovered a warrior band that was connected to his father Eric, the Blackrune Free Company. Given his experience he rose to serve for many years as its second and eventually served as its captain.

In time he left the Blackrune Free Company to take service as a historian under the Byzantine emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos, to whom he was a military adviser.

He was said to have last stood to battle aboard a ship of the Genoese, financed by Emperor Michael VIII, at the age of 91, while nominally an observer.

During his life he never married but is known to have had a daughter and two sons. The daughter, Brynne, married a noble warrior-merchant of the Swedes. His sons both disavowed him during their own time as warriors.

He became a scholar and read and spoke a wide variety languages of the time including Anglo-Norman, English, Irish, Langue d'oeil, German, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Persian, and was rumored to have learned Sanskrit and Chinese. He spent many of the last years of his life as a librarian in the royal libraries in Constantinople.

He was last seen, in extreme old age, having taken holy orders, traveling with a merchant caravan to Cathay, It is said he was determined to convert the Emperor of China to Christianity. Where his bones may lie only God knows.

Second Persona-Michael Gulliver Runenior de la Vendome-Retired.

Michael Gulliver Runenior de la Vendome. Born June 15, 1515 of a lesser noble family of France. He attended the University of Paris and served in the military of the Kingdom of France and the Duchy of Vendome.

After many years he received a peerage for service to the crown. Sometime afterward an uncertain issue arose between him and the King of France, possibly over the king's gambling debts, and he left France, though he retained his peerage.

Afterward he has spent many years on the fore-deck of the good ship Indigo Rose, captained by his sword-brother, Captain Corba ap Allen. There he would read his silly books and engage in merchant affairs on the high seas. While in port he spent his time in the Inn of the Crimson Spade, where in their good company he was known as the Barrister, often using his book-learning to smooth the stormy seas the merchant sailors found on land. He was known as a gambler and something of a reveler. Being able to read and write several languages he became a writer of letters for the illiterate general public.

Returning to France and active duty he joined an elite company of solders in the French Army, the Third Auxiliary Dragoons , where he held the rank of Lieutenant, serving as a staff officer under the elusive captain, till his retirement.

After his retirement he married a noble woman, Vivienne Duval. They served in the administration of the Duchy of Vendome under César de Bourbon . They had no children of their own though she had previously born a son, Jeffery. During his time at sea Gulliver was said to have fathered one son, Logan, a sailor of note and once Captain of the Indigo Rose. Logan achieved a baronage through his own merits and by marrying wisely to a dangerous and competent woman, Tyna.

Commonly known by the name "Gulliver" even though his first name was Michael. He was known to believe that the only good use for Gin was cleaning the residue off firearms and smoking pipes.


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