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The Siech Persistent was a member of the 1st Brigade: Bukellarii of the Royal Army of Caid.

They currently fight with the Black Hats.


Kyr Yaroslav the Persistent formed Siech Persistent, which everyone called simply the Siech, but that quickly devolved into numerous squires and their households, so the Siech became an umbrella of sorts.

Raccfests & Mt. Baldy

For many years, the Siech held events on Mt. San Antonio, better known as Mt. Baldy, which we called Raccoonfests or Raccfests. Over time the events grew larger and brought more and more folk to camp out, fight, and just enjoy a weekend on the tallest mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Twenty-one years ago, when Yaroslav the Persistent was made a Court Baron, he asked for this mountain.

On March 5, 2022, at Crown, it was confirmed: Valrik and Drada granted him Mt. Baldy, which in Ukrainian is called "Лиса гора," (pronounced "Lysa Hora") and rendered into English as Bald Mountain.


Many have had name changes, better fortunes in title, some have squired to others, some have ruled Caid. Yaroslav holds the record for most Squires in Caid. See Chivalry Tree for the full roster.