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Canton of Carnmore

Founded: 1996 or 1997
Modern Location: Vicinity of Clovis, California

Defunct canton of Nordwache.


Disbanded: prior to 2004.

Meaning: "Great Rock" in Anglicized Irish. Branch name released 5/2005

Blazon: Argent, a castle vert, in chief three laurel wreaths, a base rayonny gules. Branch Arms released 5/2005.

Caidan Baronies: Altavia, Angels, Calafia, Dreiburgen, Dun Or, Gyldenholt, Lyondemere, Naevehjem, Nordwache, Starkhafn, Western Seas, Wintermist
Caidan Shires: Al-Sahid, Carreg Wen, Darach, Isles
Caidan Cantons: Bard's Keep, Canyons, Castle North, Cragdon, Gallavally, Mons Draconis, Peridot Isle, Poll na Gainmhe, Steinsee, Summergate, Tanwayour, Torvald, Valley Azure
Caidan Colleges: Boethius, Fenwood Knoll, Noe, Saint Artemas, Saint Firmin, San Ambrogio, San Isidore, Tour d'Yvoire, Voyagers
Other Information: Former Territories, Kingdoms, Known World