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| 10/30/2016
| 10/30/2016
| [[Logan Black Rune]]
| [[Logan Black Rune]]
| [[Tyne Caulien MacFeirson|Tyne MacPhersone]]
| [[Tyne MacPhersone]]
| [[Logan and Tyne]]
| [[Logan and Tyne]]

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The Baronage of Caid.

Barony of Altavia

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
05/14/1983 Robear du Bois Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim Robear and Kristin
12/30/1989 Michael Maggotslayer Amadea da Strada Dragonessa Michael and Amadea
09/25/1994 Duryn the Red Ælfwyn Wodende Duryn and Ælfwyn
01/08/2005 Laertes McBride Bridget Lucia Mackenzie Laertes and Bridget
05/10/2008 Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha Courtney of the White Meadow Thorin and Courtney
10/25/2008 Laertes McBride
As Vicar
Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
As Vicaress
Laertes II and Bridget II
5/9/2009 Secca of Kent Meliora Deverel Secca and Meliora
5/10/2014 Cristofanus Castellani Cecilia Medici Cristofanus and Cecilia

Barony of the Angels

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
06/09/1970 Pwyll pen Tyrhon Rhiannon of the Mystic Isle Pwyll and Rhiannon
05/25/1971 Sarkanyi Gero
As Vicar
None Sarkanyi I
01/08/1972 Pwyll pen Tyrhon Rhiannon of the Mystic Isle Pwyll II and Rhiannon II
06/??/1972 Sarkanyi Gero
As Prefect of the Council of Regency
None Sarkanyi II
01/06/1973 Sarkanyi Gero None Sarkanyi III
05/31/1974 Piers Howells de Cambria Ximena Aubel de Cambria Piers and Ximena
06/04/1977 Piers Howells de Cambria as Vicar None Piers
01/31/1978 Fredrick of WoodLyn Lyndia of WoodLyn Fredrick and Lyndia
05/31/1979 Damon of the Lake that Flames Mistral de l'Isle sur Tarn Damon and Mistral
11/21/1982 Taliesin d'Acre Kerridwen de Merioneth Taliesin and Kerridwen
06/??/1985 Taliesin d'Acre None Taliesin
1985 Edward Ian Anderson
As Vicar
Emmaline Marie Chandelle
As Vicaress
Edward and Emmaline
03/01/1987 Morgan of Marionwood Alinor Bellissima Montgomery Morgan and Alinor
12/??/1987 None Alinor Bellissima Montgomery Alinor
06/05/1993 Padraic the Fierce Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti Padraic and Morgana
09/07/1997 Robert John of Cedar Wood Therese of the White Griffin Robert and Therese
09/06/2003 Jason Thomas the Wanderer Morgaine FitzStephen Jason and Morgaine
09/13/2008 John ap Griffin Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani John and Flavia
01/14/2012 Peter Cadarn Gabrielle nicChlurain Peter and Gabrielle
09/12/2015 Uilliam mór MacGregor Fara MacGregor Uilliam and Fara

Barony of Calafia

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
05/01/1971 Talanque Rowen Lynn of Woodvine Talanque and Rowen
04/30/1986 Talanque Elinore Windemere of the Moors Talanque and Elinore
05/27/1989 Talanque None Talanque
05/29/1993 Guillaume de Belgique Felinah Tifarah Arnvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din Guillaume and Felinah Baronage
09/06/1998 Thorvald Olafson the Swordmaker Eloise of Lancaster Thorvald and Eloise
12/13/2003 David of Caithness Adelicia of Caithness David and Adelicia
11/15/2008 Oliver Dogberry Kate Dogberry Oliver and Kate
11/2013 Guy Rand Gallandon Muirenn ingen Donndubáin Guy Rand and Muirrenn

Barony of Dreiburgen

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/08/1974 Waldt von Markheim Alison von Markheim Waldt and Alison
01/13/1979 Leo de Coronado Rowena de Segovia Leo and Rowena
06/02/1990 Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim Melasandra Sandifer Aldred and Melasandra
10/30/1993 Thurstan de Barri Allaine de Beaumont of Glastonbury Thurstan and Allaine
12/12/1998 Uilliam an Tarbh Baile na hAbhann Luighseach nic Lochlainn Uilliam and Luighseach
10/25/2003 Malcolm Alberic Robynne the Grey Malcolm and Robynne
10/25/2008 Ívarr Sigurðarson Elyn de Haoucmore Ívarr and Elyn
06/27/2009 Crown Lands
01/09/2010 Bryce ap Morgan ap Martin Fionnghuala de Buchanan Bryce and Fionnghuala
10/26/2013 Ciarán Ó hEaghra Jumana al-Zarqa Ciaran and Jumana
06/08/2014 none Jumana al-Zarqa Jumana
10/30/2016 Logan Black Rune Tyne MacPhersone Logan and Tyne

Barony of Dun Or

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/17/1992 Tuvor Sabledrake Doria Tecla Tuvor and Doria
10/12/1996 Colm Kile of Lochalsh Katherine Bearward of Wolfenden Colm and Katherine
05/15/1999 Iain Glic macRobert Theresia diu Harpfærîn Iain and Theresia
11/12/2005 Colyn mac Labhruinn Muiriath mac Labhruinn Colyn and Muiriath
10/2/2010 Kelan McBride of Arainn Arianwen Megan McBride of Arainn Kelan and Arianwen
04/18/2015 Nikolai Yaroslavich Álfrún Úlfreksdóttir Nikolai and Álfrún

Barony of Gyldenholt

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/12/1980 Armand de Sevigny Diana de Savigny Armand and Diana
01/12/1985 Béla Aba Rosemary Willowwood of Ste. Anne Béla and Rosemary
08/19/1989 None Rosemary Willowwood of Ste. Anne Rosemary
01/12/1991 Morgan Arthur ap Llewellyn Gwendolyn of Amberwood Morgan and Gwendolyn
03/22/1997 Dietrich von Vogelsang Adriana von Vogelsang Dietrich and Adriana
11/19/2000 Dietrich von Vogelsang None Dietrich
06/22/2002 Wulfric Thjostolfsson Lasairfhíona ní Chon Chonnacht Wulfric and Lasairfhíona
06/14/2008 Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk Colette de Montpellier Ursul and Colette
06/17/2012 Giles Hill and Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia None Giles and Giuseppe
06/11/2016 Ilia Aleksandrovich Vitasha Ivanova doch' Ilia and Vitasha

Shire of the Isles

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
12/31/1972 None Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch Jessica
1979 Became a Shire

Barony of Lyondemere

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
06/03/1978 Conrad von Regensburg None Conrad
11/20/1980 Conrad von Regensburg Megwyn of Glendwry Conrad and Megwyn
10/15/1988 None Megwyn of Glendwry Megwyn
07/21/1990 Colin Wynthorpe Xena Baxter Wynthorpe Colin and Xena
07/12/1997 Gilbert Rhys MacLachlan Morann Will Owen Gilbert and Morann
07/14/2001 Jamal Damien Marcus Éowyn Amberdrake Jamal and Éowyn
07/22/2006 Thomas Bordeaux Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont Thomas and Angelina
7/18/2009 Jon Thomme de Claydon Eva filia Edeneweyn Jon Thomme and Eva
7/12/2014 Pátraic Ó Ceallaigh Rutilia Fausta Pátraic and Fausta
10/17/2016 none Rutilia Fausta Fausta

Barony of Naevehjem

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
11/16/1991 Wulfhere Slående Falk Scannlach Faolscátha Wulfhere and Scannlach
11/18/1996 None Scannlach Faolscátha Scannlach
11/08/1997 Thomas Blackkeep Marina Zanne Thomas and Marina
11/14/2009 Rudolph Fekter Amicia Sennet de Bruges Rudolph and Amicia

Barony of Nordwache

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/31/1982 Kenneth the Unknown Eleanor of Almedan Kenneth and Eleanor
01/01/1987 Cuillean Lodbrog Houndstooth
as Vicar
Blodeuwedd ap Tyddyn
as Vicaress
Lodbrog & Blodeuwedd
02/01/1987 Cuillean Lodbrog Houndstooth
as Vicar
None Lodbrog
06/01/1987 Joseph of Silver Oak
as Vicar
None Joseph
11/21/1987 Joseph of Silver Oak None Joseph
11/21/1992 Joseph of Silver Oak Caroline Marie de Fontenailles Joseph and Caroline
11/01/1997 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Portia de Audley Mahmud and Portia
11/16/2002 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Alexandra Wylson of Inverness Wood Mahmud and Alexandra
10/06/2007 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Giuliana Margherita Bonaccolsi Mahmud and Giuliana
06/17/2012 Mahmud Ali ben Sinan Muirenn inghean Chon Ruaidh Mahmud and Muirenn
11/01/2015 Joseph of Silver Oak
as Vicar
Teleri of Gwynedd
as Vicaress
Joseph and Teleri
01/09/2016 Ragenald de Holecumb
as Reeve
Clota of Holecumb
as Reeves
Ragenald and Clota
06/18/2016 Ragenald de Holecumb
Clota of Holecumb
Ragenald and Clota

Barony of Southron Gaard

Note: This Barony is no longer a Caidan Territory, and is now a part of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
03/23/1996 Sigurd Hardrada Eleonora van den Bogaerde Sigurd and Eleonora
02/05/2001 Callum Macleod Chrétienne de Haverington Callum and Chrétienne
2003 During the tenure of Baron Callum and Baroness Chrétienne, the Barony became part of the newly-formed Kingdom of Lochac.

Barony of Starkhafn

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/31/1982 Keradwc an Cai Miscel of Lyonesse Keradwc and Miscel
10/20/1984 Richard of Black Iron Miscel of Lyonesse Richard and Miscel
06/01/1985 Richard of Black Iron None Richard
10/05/1985 Richard of Black Iron Marlena of the Sands Richard and Marlena
10/24/1992 Richard of Black Iron None Richard
10/30/1993 Antonius Tesel Créd Mongfind Örnardóttir Antonius and Créd
10/10/1998 Conall mac Séagháin Aoibheall an Sionnach Conall and Aoibheall
10/20/2001 Conrad Breakring Isidora Ell'eva Conrad and Isidora
10/29/2005 None Isidora Ell'eva Isidora
03/03/2007 Sven Gunther Alcan Muirenn ingen meic Martainn Sven and Muirenn
03/26/2011 Michel Phillipe de Sarcey Elspeth of Stillwater Michel Phillipe and Elspeth
01/09/2016 Robartach mac Lochlainn Gyda Magnusdótter Robartach and Gyda

Barony of Western Seas

  • Western Seas is a Palatine Barony and its Baronage is selected differently from the mainland baronies. See the list of Palatine Baronage.

Barony of Wintermist

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/10/2015 Einarr grabarðr Kale al-Raqqasa Einarr and Kale

More Information

  • Crown Lands - From time to time, circumstances will arise in which there is no Baron and/or Baroness in charge of a Barony. During this time of change, the area is considered to be maintained by the Crown until such time as a successor can be found, or the group decides to change its status (i.e., Shire or disbanding).
  • Heraldry for former Baronage - Badges usable by those who have sat a baronial throne in Caid.
  • Being a Territorial Baron - Article by Baron Malcolm