Alison von Markheim

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Alison Mists Coronet Sept 1990.jpg Alison as Vesper Principal Herald
Resides: West
Status: Deceased
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Argent, on a pall engrailed sable, seven mullets argent

Baroness Alison von Markheim, OP was the founding Baroness of Dreiburgen. She was elevated to the Order of the Pelican 03/18/1978 by Their Majesties of the West Terrence and Allissandra.

Offices & Positions


Baroness Alison passed on 7/31/2016. Sir Waldt, her husband, and Founding Baron of Dreiburgen has asked that in her honor, all those who feel inclined please either donate blood or make sure your donation card is filled out so that those who might be saved by such donations will be.


Image Preview Award Recipient
AlisonVonMarkheim1.JPG Knight Martin the Temperate