Royal Tourney of Union 1974

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Location: Dreiburgen
Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, CA
Date: 04/20/1974-04/21/1974

A watershed event in the history of our kingdom. The four Southern Baronies (as they were then known) gathered to hold a tournament celebrating their alliance and incipient principality status. King Andrew of Riga of the West attended and assumed the title of Prince of Caid until the first Prince could be selected at the First Coronet and Coronation Tournament to follow in June.

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  • The Principality of Caid was born. The populace officially chose the new name.

Held in Dreiburgen at Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, CA. His Occidental Majesty Andrew of Riga attended the event at which the Charter of Union was read and the Baronies of Calafia, Angels, Isles and Dreiburgen were merged to form the Principality of Caid. (The name Caid was coined by Master Boncueur (West) as an acronym consisting of the first letter of names of the four baronies. It also means "fortress" in Arabic. ) His Majesty assumed the title of Prince of Caid until one could be chosen by combat.

New Principality Officers:

Awards of Arms were given to

The following were admitted to the Order of the Leaf of Merit, the West Kingdom's award for service:

The day' events included Heavy Weapons challenges and melees, as well as a List for Principality Champion. Saturday evening's events included a potluck dinner and Bardic Circle. Cooking Contests were held for Best Main Dish, Best Side Dish and Best Dessert. (From previous documentation)


More details about this event can be found at West Kingdom History

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Bevin Fraser of Sterling the Tournament of Union held in the Barony of Dreiburgen April 20-21, the people of the new Principality acclaimed the name "Caid" for their choice ... His Majesty King Andrew of the West approved of the name and stated that it was acceptable so long as the College of Heralds has no objection.

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