Saint Firmin

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College of Saint Fermin
Per pale sable and gules, in pale a laurel wreath and a bull's head cabossed argent
Founded: 2008
Modern Location: California State University-Northridge


Founded in 2008 as a college in the Barony of Altavia, Saint Firmin was sponsored by the Medieval and Renaissance Society at California State University, Northridge (MARS). CSUN's school symbol is the Matador and its sports teams are known as the Matadors, which was suggested in 1958 through student submission and chosen to reflect the region's Spanish heritage.

The College of Saint Firmin went inactive in 2014.


Saint Firmin was born in Pampalona, Spain during the 3rd century AD to a Roman of senatorial rank. He later converted to Christianity, and traveled to Amiens, France where he built a church and eventually became a bishop. Amiens was also the city where Saint Firmin was martyed. To honor Saint Firmin, the city established Los Sanfermines, the Festival of St. Firmin, a week-long celebration featuring food, drink, music and bull fights. Los Sanfermines has become Spain's most famous festival due to its signature event, the Running of the Bulls, which was first made famous by Ernest Hemingway in The Sun Also Rises. Who better to be the namesake for a [CSUN] Matador?

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