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The Caid Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon is the Kingdom's Arts and Sciences event. Its primary objectives are to give the artisans of Caid an opportunity to showcase their abilities, and in the course of preparing the required documentation, learn learn more about SCA-period arts and sciences. Judging is done by comparing entries to an ideal, rather than pitting contestants against each other. Although it bestows no precedence, Pentathlon Champion is an honor that denotes an outstanding artisan.


  • The first Champion, Éowyn Amberdrake, was announced on 01/12/1980 at Caid Twelfth Night by TRM Balin and Amsha
  • From 1980 through 1986, competitions occurred throughout the year at Kingdom events.
  • No Pentathlon was held in 1987.
  • Beginning in 1988, the Pentathlon became its own weekend-long event.
  • Became a bi-annual beginning with the 1993 competition, and after a brief hiatus, has occurred every other year since 1997.
  • In 1995, a new "Team"-level track was added.
  • The first "People's Choice" award was given at the 2013 Pentathlon.


In the early 1980s, Mistress Su of the Silver Horn fashioned a brass crescent-shaped medallion adorned with a malachite cabochon that was passed along for several years. Over the years, different tokens have been bestowed upon the A&S Pentathlon Champion.
ASPentathlon Medallion SuSilverHorn.jpg

Arts & Sciences Pentathlons

Date Event Location Winner
01/12/1980 Caidan Twelfth Night 1980 Calafia Éowyn Amberdrake
01/12/1981 Caidan Twelfth Night 1981 Gyldenholt Neptha of Thebes
01/16/1982 Caid Twelfth Night 1982 Lyondemere Natalya de Foix
01/15/1983 Caid Twelfth Night 1983 Lyondemere Roana of Wyvernweald
01/14/1984 Caid Twelfth Night 1984 Lyondemere Caedmon Gordon
01/12/1985 Caid Twelfth Night 1985 Calafia Caedmon Gordon
01/11/1986 Caid 12th Night 1986 Altavia Aurelia of Ashton
1987 No event held
10/15-16/1988 Kingdom Arts Fair & Pentathlon 1988 Lyondemere Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari
11/04-05/1989 Pentathlon 1989 Heatherwyne Daniel ben Abraham
10/06-07/1990 Pentathlon 1990 Heatherwyne Evyennia Evangeline Koundourianis
10/05-06/1991 Pentathlon 1991 Raven of Heronsmarsh - 1st non-"Mainland" Caid winner
1992 No event held Switch to bi-annual schedule
08/21-22/1993 Pentathlon 1993 Raven of Heronsmarsh
1994 No event held
1995 Pentathlon 1995 Individual Champion: Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta
Team Champion: Team Western Seas
09/13-14/1997 Pentathlon 1997 Wintermist Bérengère Marguerite Madeline d'Acre
08/14-15/1999 Pentathlon 1999 Individual Champion: Éowyn Amberdrake
Team Champion: Savage Daughters of Starkhafn
08/11-12/2001 Pentathlon 2001 Individual Champion: Fionnabhair Kyriath Inghean Uí Néill
Team Champion: Team LyondemereResults Pentathlon 2001
03/30/2003 Pentathlon 2003 Ceara ingen ui Chellaig
03/12-13/2005 Pentathlon-Arts & Sciences Fair 2005 Individual Champion: Caterine Barré de Venoix
Team Champion: White Star
03/24-25/2007 Pentathlon 2007 Individual Champion: Liudmila Vladimirova doch'
Team Champion: House Atargatis
Results Pentathlon 2007
04/25-26/2009 Pentathlon 2009 Individual Champion: Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia
Team Champion: The Whole Hog of Damocles
Results Pentathlon 2009
03/12-13/2011 Pentathlon 2011 Individual Champion: Derian le Breton
Team Champion: Team Lyondemere
Results Pentathlon 2011
03/09-10/2013 Pentathlon 2013 Individual Champion: Ciar ingen Daire
Team Champion: Team Lyondemere
People's Choice Winner: Tobin Ripponwood
Results Pentathlon 2013
03/14-15/2015 Pentathlon 2015 Al-Sahid Individual Champion: Richenda Elizabeth Coffin
Team Champion: Team Greater > formerly known as Greater Than: Michel Phillipe de Sarcey, Elspeth of Stillwater, Emmeline Dernelove, Rekon of Saaremaa, Elinor Assheycombe, Antonius Tesel and Sidney Luerann Damask
People's Choice Winner: Maeve Douglass
Results Pentathlon 2015
2017 Pentathlon 2017 Al-Sahid Individual Champion: Paul fitz Denis
Team Champion: Sørlige Nordlige Damer: Margeret Kerne, Lettice Blythe and Dagný Starkaðardóttir.
People's Choice Winner: Sir Niccolo d'Angelo
Results Pentathlon 2017
2019 Pentathlon 2019 Al-Sahid Individual Champion: Éowyn Amberdrake
Team Champion: Team Dreiburgen: Agnes Wurtman (team leader), Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy, Mathias Hakonan and Irial mac Maoil Eoin
People's Choice Winner:
Results Pentathlon 2019
2022 Pentathlon 2022
Delayed due to pandemic restrictions
Wintermist Individual Champion: Dýrfinna Valsdóttir
Team Champion: Team Dreiburgen: Agnes Wurtman (team leader), Ramvoldus Kröll and Geral de Reira
Youth winner: Charlie of Gyldenholt
People's Choice Winner: Sekhet Arsyna
2025 Pentathlon 2025
Delayed 1 year
TBD Individual Champion: TBD
Team Champion: TBD
Youth winner: TBD
People's Choice Winner: TBD

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